‘Us Weekly’ Magazine Presents ‘The Hunger Games’


We are SO CLOSE to the theatrical premiere of the much-anticipated big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games and to celebrate we can look forward to a special Hunger Games magazine published by the folks at Us Weekly magazine. In addition, a new batch of character photos have been released along with a newish TV spot that features great scenes from the film. We aren’t quite in the home stretch just yet … but we are getting there. These new promo items are really helping the time fly by! Check ‘em out below.

This special Hunger Games magazine won’t hit newsstands until March 2 but it is available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble and will feature 125 photos from the film. Additionally, producers of the film dish a bit about the upcoming sequel films Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Apparently, the director already knows who he wants to cast in the role of Finnick Odair:

“Catching Fire won’t open until November 2013, but director Gary Ross tells Us he and author Suzanne Collins are already thinking casting. Example: For playboy Finnick Odair, “I already decided who I want!” he teases.” — Us Weekly

OMG … has a Finnick really already been chosen? Any guesses who it might be? Honestly, I can’t think past The Hunger Games but … yeah, once the first film is released, I’m sure many of us will turn immediately to any scrap of info about the coming films. Wee, so exciting!

In additon to this fun magazine, we get to check out a new batch of character photos:

All of our faves are represented here … and they all look great. I can’t wait to see them in ACTION! BUT, in order to tide us over a bit, here’s a look at one of the TV spots for The Hunger Games that is airing on TV now:

GAHHHH! I love all of these short promo videos. Normally, I hate seeing too much of a film before it’s released but I think the folks promoting The Hunger Games have done a great job showing us a lot of stuff without giving too much away. I think it helps that I’ve read the books but still … this really doesn’t feel like overkill to me. We are mere weeks away from the release of The Hunger Games. Are you ready? Cuz I am SO ready.

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  • JillieBean430

    Can’t wait! I love that they haven’t really shown any of the action – just the anticipation!

  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    Trent, who do you see as Finnick and Johanna? I know Kristen Bell has started a campaign for her to be Johanna..

    • JCZ

      First, in relation to the article, that magazine cover is horrid. Makes it look so teeny and spy-kids theme(ish).

      Secondly, to your comment – WTF!? I just Googled some stuff about that, and I might say that is freaky and very desperate. Sure she is a fan – but she is also an actress. If she wants the gig, she will audition and if the role fits her, then she may get it. No campaign manager keeping you ‘relevant’ in 8 months time, that is sad and very low for her. Now I thought V.M was a great show and she played that well, and she suits being a total bitch (and in turn a good guy) and very badass & tough sorta vibe – but I’d prefer to see less of a serial fanboy get the role than someone like K.Bell who is clearly clawing her way score herself a high-profile gig. Someone like the young actress who plays Rue – that interview where she admits she is a big fan, but clearly not over obsessed to get a campaign for ya. Only Betty White can pull that shit off!

  • stef

    Armie Hammer for Finnick!!!

    • Megan

      Armie Hammer would be excellent! I kind of liked the idea of Zac Efron too…dying to see who they cast!

    • Rachael

      Armie Hammer is EXACTLY who I was picturing when reading the books!!

    • Jodi

      I like the guy who plays Jason on True Blood for Finnick, but I know Armie Hammer is a fan favorite.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I just bought my tickets for the midnight premiere! 30 days! I can’t wait for this Us Weekly special and the People Mag special! LOVE. I would love for Kristen to be Johanna because I adore her and she is such a huge fan so I can only imagine how much she would put into the role!

  • Geana

    Oh Zac Efron… Didn’t think of it but i can totally see it!

  • Newb

    Oh – Armie is a great choice!! I totally second that!

  • Christy

    I totally just got goosebumps watching that!

  • mabel

    i want jake gyllenhaal!! he’s hot, young enough to be hot and old enough to get married to annie in the third book. and when he loses her to the capitol in the beginning of the third book, he would be able to play the dazed-crazy part!

  • idboy

    Am i the only person who thinks that mila kunis would be PERFECT to play johanna?

  • I want Taylor Kitsch for Finnick and Victoria Justice for Johanna.

    I can’t see Kristen Bell as Johanna AT ALL.

  • Maddiej

    Gaaahhhh! Cannot WAIT!
    I haven’t even thought of casting for the other movies but now my wheels are turning!

  • Tommy

    I think Matt Bomer would be a great Finnick. The books were always really vague about Finnick’s sexuality; aside from his love for Annie, Suzanne Collins was never specific when addressing his many lovers in the Capitol (always referred to as “people”, never specifically men or women). Matt is drop dead gorgeous, a little older but still convincing enough to play Finnick’s age, and he just…ugh, just give him the role so we can see him swimming and sweaty in the Quarter Quell arena.

    Oh, and Kristen Bell would play the shit out of Johanna. Did you see her as Elle in Heroes? Don’t underestimate K Bell. Veronica Mars can do no wrong.

  • Kelly

    I got my IMAX tickets today! I would like to see Chris Pine play Finnick.

  • Hailey

    Channing Tatum for Finnick….completely! Swoon.

  • Krissy

    I think Ryan Kwanten should be Finnick! He is actually a really great dramatic actor, and he has an amazing body. Plus, he grew up in Australia and is an accomplished swimmer and surfer, so he would be at home in the water sports department, like the character. ;)

    • Jodi

      Yes! This! He is who I pictured. And he does great for comedy as well, if they have him joking around with Katniss in the arena.

  • Dee

    For sure Ryan Kwanten! That would be PERFECT!
    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!