Popsicles Save The Day


Thank the GODS, I am happy to report that David and I have just about fully recovered from our HORRIBLE HORRIBLE bout of food poisoning yesterday. I mean, I cannot even convey to you how horrendous we felt yesterday … yesterday was truly one of the most painful days of my life — no kidding. Thankfully, the worst of it was over around 8PM last night … and after a dose of Aleve-D last night, I woke up today feeling almost 100% again. OY! So … today, we get back on track. The plan is to make our way to London tonight where we will be for the rest of the week.

Sarah managed to find us popsicles at a nearby grocery store with REALLY helped us feel better last night. David and I were so dehydrated and just … gross … the cold icy pops were a godsend. Earlier in the day (after David started to get sick but before my symptoms started), I found the entry in the Lloyd Hotel guestbook that David and I left back in 2008 when we were here last:

Believe me, it was a nice way to cheer-up while we were suffering horribly yesterday. We should have enough time here in Amsterdam today for me to get my work done before we fly out to London later today. Despite yesterday’s near-death experience, David, Sarah and I still had the time of our lives here in Amsterdam this week. We really love it here … we feel at home here. And after this trip, Amsterdam will always feel like home to us :) I promise you, we will return. Thank you Amsterdam and ArtsHolland.com for everything … David and I love you muchly!

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  • Glen CoCo-Franco

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better….have fun in London..”big ben…parliament”

  • Rebecca

    SO glad you are feeling better! Please take special care, you two.

  • Dezden

    That is good to hear!