Mariah Carey Features In A New PSA For The American Heart Association


Remember earlier this month when we learned that Mariah Carey was co-directing a new Jenny Craig commercial? Well, it turns out that it wasn’t a commercial that they were filming … it was a public service announcement for the American Heart Association. As the spokesperson for Jenny Craig weight loss, Mimi thought it was important to put out a PSA that advocates the importance of heart safety. Click below to check out MC’s new PSA for the American Heart Association.

February is here and American Heart Month is already in full swing! Jenny Craig celebrity Brand Ambassador Mariah Carey has not only lost weight on the program, but has improved her heart health since shedding the pounds and is living her best life yet. As a national supporter of the American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life. healthy living initiative, Jenny is helping to lead the charge to combat the obesity epidemic by working with the AHA to reduce Americans’ risk for cardiovascular disease by 20 percent by 2020. Why? Some scary heart statistics: every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack and 1 in 3 women are at risk for heart disease. Research shows that poor lifestyle is a major contributor. Says Mariah, “the first time I spoke with the executives at Jenny … we really clicked in terms of the fact that they had a vision beyond weight loss. Jenny has a broader vision, particularly with the American Heart Association. There’s something to be said for the fact that they’re thinking globally and starting of thinking here in America where our issues are finally coming to the forefront.” Jenny’s mantra is to eat well, move more, live life. Most people don’t realize that weight impacts their heart health and maintaining a healthy weight can positively impact risk factors. Eating habits, level of activity, blood pressure and cholesterol management, blood sugar levels and current weight all influence risk. To support the AHA’s My Heart. My Life. healthy living initiative, this month Jenny is launching a multi-faceted program called My Heart. My Life. My Jenny, tying in education, community programs and online activations to encourage people to eat better and move!

Mariah appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to talk about this new PSA to promote American Heart Month. As I understand it, Jenny Craig is supporting nearly 350 Heart Walks across the nation in 2012 with the American Heart Association … so hopefully this PSA will inspire people to take heart care seriously and participate. The heart illness statistics are stunning … if it weren’t for PSAs like this, I would have no idea of how serious the problem of heart illness is in the US. Considering that her husband Nick Cannon is suffering from his own bout of illness, I can understand why Mariah Carey would want to be part of this campaign.


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