Adele Flips Her Middle Finger At The Brit Awards


Remember earlier this month when M.I.A. started a shizzstorm of “controversy” by flipping her middle finger during Madonna’s halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVI? Yeah, well, British singer Adele did the same thing last night at the 2012 Brit Awards and guess what? In the UK, it wasn’t really a big deal at all. Adele was presented with the Brit Award for Album of the Year and when she was cut off by producers while giving her acceptance speech, Adele flipped off “the suits” with her middle finger. While M.I.A.‘s finger flip caused about a week of controversy, I sincerely doubt we’ll hear about this Adele flip past today. Click below to watch video of Adele’s cheeky finger flash.

You’re gonna wish you never had cut her off! In an act of defiance against “the suits” who interrupted her acceptance speech for British Album of the Year, Adele flipped the bird to the crowd at tonight’s Brit Awards. The 23-year-old, who won six Grammys last week, had also picked up the Brit for Best Female Artist of the Year earlier in the evening. Adele explained after the awards that the gesture wasn’t intended for her fans and that she wished nothing but the best forrrrr youuuuu (as long as you weren’t the one responsible for telling host James Corden to cut her off). “I was about to thank the British public for their support and they cut me off, and I’m sorry if I offended anyone,” she said. “But the suits offended me, so thank you very much for all of your support.” Watch this international tragedy below. It actually seems like bloody good fun to me (this isn’t America; there aren’t rules) but I’m sure some people are about to freak the eff out!

LOL. This middle finger business is such a non issue. I think it’s great that Grammy darling Adele decided to flip off the fools that cut off her acceptance speech at the Brits last night. It’s easy for the up-tights to get really angry with M.I.A. for the finger gesture because most of them don’t even know who she is. Now Adele, everyone knows who she is. While it’s true that Adele’s act of defiance took place on the Brits and not the Grammys, I still think it’s fabulous that she let the bird fly. Maybe the up-tights will eventually realize that this non-issue is truly a complete non-issue. I guess we’ll see.

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    It’s so ridiculous, though. I mean, it’s the middle finger. M.I.A. did it in front of 114+ people, so there is a difference in terms of audience. The US is always behind on everything, it seems. The UK is pretty chill. However, I love Adele, but people have been kissing her ass for a long time now, so of course no one is going to give her the third degree. They’ll just say something like, “Oh, that Adele. She’s so feisty. She’s SOOO talented!” or whatever.

  • nicole

    the difference between Adele & M.I.A – is that MIA decided to do it on a national stage. if Adele did this at the superbowl, there would be a huge uproar on this side of the pond.

  • John

    No offense but middle Americans give the rest of you a bad name, I mean ALL that controversy over a middle finger? I didn’t know people were such prudes. Adele was amazing and what she did was absolutely brilliant, it even prompted an APOLOGY to HER from the broadcaster. I mean she had just won 6 Grammys and the US gave her a tremendous reception and she was barely catching her breath when they cut her off, it was the biggest award of the night and absolutely uncalled for! You go Adele, we’re with you on this one!

  • Z

    Also, doesn’t the British F*** you finger gesture involved the index and middle finger? Perhaps the middle finger gesture isn’t as offensive in Britain as it is here?

  • She was only up there for like ten seconds giving that speech before he cut her off. I would have done the same thing. You go girl!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    The US is so uptight we should be given the finger on many occasions!! GOOD FOR HER WIN THOU. She rocks.


    Thank you. Finally someone with sense that know it’s not a big deal in the UK like it is here. Everyone was up and arms over it here but the brits could give a dam. There much more evolve that way!

  • Brittany

    In all seriousness I don’t get what is so offensive about the middle finger. When we allow most curse words on television except for a few and pretty much naked people how can we be so offended by a simple finger gesture? I’d much rather see the finger than a lot of other things allowed on television lol

  • Elle

    Watch Skins or Misfits and you’ll understand why the middle finger isn’t a huge deal. America is far more uptight then the UK and most of Europe.

  • Hunter

    Only the right wing nuts and the tea partiers, a small fraction of Americans were offended by MIA flippin the bird.I’m also quite sure that the fact that she doesn’t look like them and look like who they consider “the enemy” is a factor as to why they made such a big deal about it. Unfortunately they make a lot of noise and the American media loves controversy.

  • Tess

    MIA didn’t have a reason for flipping the middle finger. Adele did. If MIA had a reason behind it, she probably would have been supported and praised for what she did. Adele stood up for herself. MIA was just being controversial. I’m a huge MIA fan, but I’m calling it like i see it. I do agree that the UK is way more laid back than the US. There are way too many restrictions in the US.

  • Redgrave

    I think it’s stupid and shows lack of IQ actually.
    You can’t expect to be a great artist and act like a teenager showing your middle finger in front of so many people just because of hate. Doing it for fun it’s quite a different story.
    You can’t expect people to remember and like you over time as you throw dirt at other artists and being judgemental about them just so you can simply appear in a better light. I’m talking about Adele’s interview in Rolling Stones.
    You haven’t seen Michael Jackson doing the same. You haven’t seen Madonna, or so many others doing this.
    Adele is low standards. Right now I consider Justin Bieber of having a higher IQ than hers.