Canals & Greenhouses & . . . OH MY!


So … yesterday was our last full day here in Amsterdam and I have to say, we ended up having a pretty fantastic day. Sarah, David and I went for a late afternoon canal boat tour of the city and then last night we made our way to a restaurant called De Kas where all of the food is either grown on site or is gotten from local farms. I’m not kidding when I say last night was one of the best dining experiences that I’ve ever had … unfortunately, our happiness turned to … well, extreme pain today because both David and I got violently ill :(

Our day in the city was very cold but still beautiful. I love touring Amsterdam by canal boat. You get a perspective of the city that is truly unique. For dinner, we made our way outside of town to the restaurant/green house De Kas:

Now, this is no knock on the restaurant itself … I’m guessing our American stomachs were not prepared to handle the local farm-raised meat because … well, there’s no nice way to put it — David and I spent the last 7 – 8 hours feeling … extremely unwell. Trust me, you do not want the gory details and I will spare you them … but believe me when I say, today was quite possibly one of the most painful days of my life. Remember on Sex and the City when Charlotte and Harry enjoyed that fancy dinner at the French restaurant and they ate the fancy cart of cheese … and then got really, really sick on their romantic night together? Yeah, this was like that … but 10,000 times worse and, um, REAL life :(

Again, this is not the place to really get into such grossness. Thankfully, the folks here at the Lloyd Hotel have been so accommodating, a woman in the restaurant named Ann just went into mother mode and did her best to take care of us as best she could (her mint tea was a godsend). Sarah is here and she has been an amazing nursemaid so altho today was not the most ideal vacation day … we are starting to feel better and will live. Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall and considering how amazing this trip has been, one lost day is nothing compared to the truly memorable trip this visit to Amsterdam will remain … for all time. (And we have the wonderful folks at to thank for much of it!)

We were supposed to fly to London tonight but there was no way we could get on a plane. We now fly out tomorrow. I’m trying to really look on the bright side … David and I are still very happy and at least we got sick together (we both had the meat, Sarah had the vegetarian option and avoided illness). Ugh. So … it looks like we are on the mend and should be back to normal tomorrow. Please bare with me if the blog posts are light over the next few days … I’m not sure what my work schedule can be like with the big change in travel plans. Know this, I will do my best to do as much work as possible. Love to you all … OH and I’m still engaged :)

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  • Juneh

    Aww; get well soon!

  • Lila

    Get well David and Trent!! It’s a shame that you got sick on this amazing trip but it won’t get in the way of having a wonderful memories of that special time. Trust me (I’ve been sick as hell during 2 days on my honeymoon but still it was the best time of my life!!)

  • Meghan

    Oh no!!! Get well soon! It’s terrible when you have stomach problems and need to get on a plane!

  • Z

    I know it really sucks now but you’ll look back on this and laugh. My husband and I got married in Disney World almost 8 yrs ago and as we were pulling in to Orlando the night before, realized he had pink eye! So we spent our pre-wedding night at an Urgent Care (b/c we couldn’t get the antibiotic eye drops prescribed w/o being seen by a dr). His eyes were blood red for the ceremony and of course he couldn’t swim in the resort pool… But the absurdity of the whole situation just makes us laugh now. (;

  • kel

    Aw Trent! Ugh. My man and I took an anniversary trip to Napa and stayed at a spa/hotel. Imagined romantic candelit dinner, sexy times….he got so sick he was groaning and moaning on the couch (er…and potty!) and i was in the plush bathrobe, on our fancy bed, watching “going the distance” and eating microwave popcorn. the best laid plans…i hope you both feel better.

    • Z

      Kel, you’re so right – the best laid plans just never seem to work out the way we want. I try really hard to enjoy the spontaneous memorable moments now and not get too worked up when the planned ones go awry! :)

  • kendra

    Awww..Bummer..At least you could sympathize with each other, eh? And you’ve totally sold me on the Lloyd Hotel..If my butt ever goes to Amsterdam like I’ve been wanting for so long, I’m staying there!

  • PixiesBassline

    Reminds me of the last trip I took, several states away. It ended up being five days in the hospital and I missed the concert I was trying to get to. lol
    I hope you guys feel better soon! :)

  • Sanchez

    OMG!! Z is right though. You will look back on it and laugh. I know this pales in comparison because she wasn’t actually “sick” but I took my little sister on an inter island cruise in Hawaii and not even an hour after the ship set sail, she barfed ALL over the table in the dining room. She was fine after taking some bonine but she was soooooo embarassed. They had to kick us out because we’d created a biohazard. ;)

  • funkyleesh

    I have had the same thing travelling in Moscow. I use probiotics (the non-refridgerated kind) on every trip now.

  • Dezden

    Get to feeling better! :)

  • Oscar

    You two are not used to meat without chemicals.

  • Michelle

    That happened to my husband the night before our wedding. He indulged in local ice cream, and made for an interesting wedding ceremony. we can laugh about it now, but it really taught us to be careful when eating abroad!
    Feel better guys, safe travels :)

  • Haha! I thought of that scene in Sex and the City too before you even mentioned it!!! I always do if I end up sick after a fancy dinner.

  • siltnamiai

    Oh nooo, it’s terrible to have that kind of problem on the plane. I know what it means!

  • siltnamiai

    Oh no, I know that it means, hope you will get better soon :)