A New Report Claims Lindsay Lohan Will Play Elizabeth Taylor In A Made-For-TV Movie


Remember last month when we heard that Lindsay Lohan was up for the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming made-for-TV movie Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story? Yeah, well, apparently she won the role … on the condition that she can stay out of trouble and can stay in compliance with her court-ordered probation. As you may recall, both Lindsay and Megan Fox were being considered for the role of Taylor but, it would seem that, producers really want Lindsay for the role.

Lindsay Lohan has more than just her upcoming hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” to celebrate – she’s scored the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime TV movie, “Liz and Dick,” a source tells Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. But, there is one legal-related caveat: Lindsay needs to stay on the right side of court. According to the source, if Lohan continues to stick to the judge’s orders, as she has been doing, she will be playing the “Cleopatra” beauty in the Lifetime made-for-TV film about the late actress. The project, helmed by producer Larry Thompson, has been in development since May 2011 … [Lindsay] will host “Saturday Night Live” on March 3. Jack White will be the musical guest. Lohan is due back in court on February 22.

HMMM. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I really want to believe that there is a chance that Lindsay Lohan can revive her career. On the other hand, I’m not sure that she is really right to play Elizabeth Taylor in the first biopic film to be released since her death. It was previously reported that the title of this made-for-TV movie would be Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story … but this new report says the film will be titled Liz & Dick. Honestly, this newer title sounds more like a film that Lindsay Lohan would star in, doesn’t it?

HMMMM. Yeah, not sure how to feel about this. What do y’all think?


  • Ashley

    IMO, it’s deeply disrespectful to the late Ms. Taylor. There are plenty of more talented actresses out there who could better play the role.

    • Katie

      I totally agree!

    • Will

      Well, I guess at some point, I agree with you. Yes it’s kinda disrespectful that this mess of a woman will play Elizabeth.
      But I have to point out that this is just a “Lifetime” made-for-tv movie and personally, I don’t take this whole thing seriously anyway.

      I’m sure this is just a stunt cast to gain ratings.

    • Ella

      This. So totally this.

    • mc_swifty

      I agree with Ashley and Will. This will either show that she still has it or make her a bigger laughing stock.

    • Charlotte

      Seriously? Elizabeth Taylor was her own mess at one point and she managed to finish her career and life with grace. I’m no great Lilo fan, but she can act. She just needs to keep herself sober, dressed, and out of jail. If she can manage this, she’s as good as the next Hollywood starlet – better than most.

  • swile71

    I do agree that there are probably other actresses that would be a better fit. Since this is a made for TV movie I think it might be a good way for her to ease her way back to bigger roles, IF she can keep herself out of trouble.

  • good for lilo..i hope it all works out for her.

  • Fabio

    At the end of the day if people don’t like the idea of her playing this role, simple don’t watch it. I’m hopeful that Lindsay can sort her life out, she’s nearly finished her communit serive shes had glowing reports, completed her therapy sessions and landed a gig on SNL… So good for her, let’s hope she’s keeps it up. A clean and healthy Lindsay for 2012 imagine the headlines Lindsay has movie deal, instead of 2011 Lindsay in jail!

  • Jade

    Thank you, Ashley! I totally agree with you, no further comment is necessary.

  • Iheartaustin

    Onc upon a time Lindsay Lohan was a great actress! An actress I could see winning awards and then she just fell from grace, and now she is trying to get it back! I think she definitely has the chops for this role, and btw its LIFETIME I have the chops for LIFETIME, I hope she can blow us away again, I hope that she can make her return!

  • nicole

    i actually think this is perfect for Lindsay. a small lifetime movie to get her feet back into the acting world is just what she needs.
    and who knows, maybe without the pressure of a big hollywood movie – this whole thing could turn out really good.

  • Miguel

    The title sounds like a porno. Lol


    This has got to be a freaking joke! I can’t think of anyone more worst to play this role. This is equivalent of having her do Shakespeare. Why in the world would anybody cast her except for the publicity? Why does Hollywood keep giving this girl a chance? She has gotten chance after chance and she has shown she would never change. It’s not like she was a great actress to begin with. But I digress

    • Chuck

      I can’t take your comment seriously. First of all, the expresion is “I can’t think of anyone worse…” the word worse implies that it’s as bad as it can get, you can’t add more in front of it. It makes no sense.

  • Fabio

    Why can’t she do Shakespeare? I just find it incredibly nasty when people say comments like that, everyone is equal you don’t have to be an Oscar winner to do these roles, it’s a job at the end of the day. She hasn’t actually killed anyone geez it’s a lifetime movie get over it

    • Fabio is a fool

      You’re a moron! Your probably some drug addict loser like her. Next time wait for someone who gives a dam what you think!

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Nice photoshop.. Hmm.. I dunno.. Its kinda desperate that lilo keeps trying to akin herself to hollywood icons.. I am all for.her getting work and straightening out her life.. I just think its weird she keeps tring to mimic these icons.. She needs to find herself not mirror these women. I know she will be playing a role.. But she just seems so desperate to portray them as tho she wants to distance herself from who she really is.. Much luck to her.

  • Fabio

    Ermm she was offered the role… Bit of a difference

  • This. Can. Never. Happen. I shudder to think of the mockery this mess would make of Liz Taylor’s life.

  • Denise

    Well, we know from Parent Trap that she can nail a British accent (at least well enough to fool most of us Americans).