Spice Girls Reunion Not In The Cards For This Year


A few weeks ago we heard the exciting rumor that the Spice Girls may be reuniting this year. It was first suggested that it would be for the London Olympics, then Melanie Brown suggested that the much anticipated reunion would be as a part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The news spread like wildfire and caused MUCH excitement. Both events are a big deal for the U.K. and the Spice Girls are a beloved British pop act, so even though the news was never confirmed it was feasible and believeable and oh so, wonderful. Today the hope has been crushed though as Victoria Beckham has confirmed a proposed Spice Girls reunion this year “isn’t going to happen” because the singers are too busy.

When we first heard the reports of a Spice reunion here at Pink we all celebrated because there has been so much talk over the years, and this year actually felt like it could be the year. Great Britain is going to be on view for the whole world during the London Olympics in a few months and it would be the perfect opportunity for the Spice Girls to reunite. Then there was the update about the Queen’s Jubilee party, which felt like another great idea for a Spice reunion. We knew then though not to hold our breath, and sadly, today Vic’s update has brought it all back crashing down. She revealed that the Spice Girls were in fact approached to play at the Jubilee gig alongside other loved English stars including Paul McCartney and Elton John, but they were unable to accept. Why???

She tells Britain’s Sunday Mirror, “The thing with the Spice Girls is it was so flattering to be asked to do the Jubilee. But we have lots on our plates and we are all so focused on the end of the year and Viva Forever, the musical. The Jubilee isn’t going to happen. But the musical is going to be ­really great and we’re focusing on that.”

Ok, so now we can unhold our breath and uncross our fingers and toes because it has pretty much been confirmed that the Spice Girls reunion is not on the cards for this year. Still…there is a part of me that is wondering whether this is a tactic to get us by surprise when the girls perform at the London Olympic Opening Ceremony. It just makes so much sense in my mind because they are a global pop icon that represent British culture from the 90’s. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up again though. This has definitely not been confirmed and is just my own prediction. The other glimpse of hope to look forward to is the musical Vic talks about. Back last year we first heard about the news of a Spice Girls musical, now we know that it is still happening…

‘Viva Forever’ (the name of the Spice Girls musical) explores themes such as friendship and womanhood and has brought on board some top people. They have Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders involved as the writer and Mamma Mia! producer Judy Cramer as executive producer. The director of the musical is also set to be Marianne Elliot who is a very celebrated British Director, who recently received many awards for her play, War Horse. This is definitely something to get excited about!


  • Jo

    they wont reunite because the PRICE isnt right.