Kate Hudson To Star In Action-Thriller Film ‘Everly’


She is usually the star of comedies and rom-coms but Kate Hudson has signed on to star in the new action-thriller film, Everly. The movie is set in one room the whole time, and is about a woman, played by Kate, who breaks up with her boyfriend, a member of a dangerous mob, and who sends assassins to try and kill her. This is the first time Kate is pushing herself into the action-thriller roles. Would you want to see Kate in an action flick?

Shooting is due to begin in May now that they have confirmed the lead role. I really like Kate and I love her in a comic role, I adored her in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I am fascinated about her decision to transition into action-thrillers. I wonder if this is her way of avoiding being pigeon-holed into a specific role or typecast?

Crime Scene partners Adam Ripp and Rob Paris, who are financing the movie, will produce alongside Anonymous Content’s Luke Rivett. Rizal Risjad and Philip Elway are executive producing.

“When we heard that Kate wanted to make the transition into an action star, we knew we had found our Everly. They physicality and intensity of this role will be transformative for her,” Ripp and Paris said in announcing the project.

I do think it is exciting to see an actor make a bold transition and I give Kate credit for pushing the boundaries of her work and challenging herself. Being an action-thriller, as the producers have said, it will physically be a very challenging role for Kate so I am excited to see how she does.

Not just an action hero, Kate is also a super cute mom. Check out these pics of her out walking with baby Bingham Bellamy…

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  • Janaegal

    Well, she’s done thriller. She did the super mediocre Skeleton Key

    • Mark Erickson

      I’ll bet “EVERLY” turns out mediocre. Heard how she had one argument with Matt Bellamy because she seemed to him to think she’s a “musical expert?” I think her trouble is, she likes to give advice, but doesn’t like to take any from others! If she’d listen better, someone might have known to steer her away, for instance, from “NINE.” Or do you think many people still flock to lavish 40’s-style musicals?

  • Elle

    Am I the only one who thinks she is a terrible actress? Some things aren’t genetic…

    • Alys

      Personally can’t stand her.

      About the only good actress she has to be is in bed, because that’s the only way I can imagine she bagged two rock stars. And it HAD to be Matt Bellamy… :/

  • Ingvar smith

    Kate is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful to star in the Movie.