Watch: Trailer Released For Chris Colfer’s New Movie ‘Struck By Lightning’


We heard yesterday that Glee will not be touring this summer but instead taking a 2 month hiatus. Glee star, Chris Colfer has been super busy of late so I’m sure he needs the break…he wrote and starred in one movie that’s already in the can, he’s got another poised to begin shooting in a few months, and he’s also written a Disney channel pilot and a children’s book. Phew! Today we got to see the first look of his movie Struck By Lightning in the form of an early trailer. Chris wrote the film and stars in the high school comedy. Check out the trailer…

This is Chris’ big-screen debut and like Glee it is set in a high school but this time it isn’t a singing school. Chris plays the role of the student pariah who resorts to blackmailing his peers to get into the college of his dreams. He has to get them write for his literary publication so he digs up all the dirt on them and it’s “exhilarating”. The film is fairly low budget, but it’s witty and he has scored some good actors.. Allison Janney plays his mom and his best friend is played by Rebel Wilson (the funny Aussie gal known for being one of the Bridesmaids.)

Even just from the short trailer I think you can tell that there are some good lines (one of my faves: “She smells like gluten” from one of the cheerleaders. Ha!) I am very impressed with Chris for getting this project off the ground, seems like a good script, good actors, and he has made a big but smooth effort to transition into the big screen. The movie doesn’t have a distributor or release date yet but I’ll be checking it out when it comes out, if only to see how Chris has done. Check out the trailer…what do you think?

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  • Megan

    I’m not as excited about it as I want to be :(

  • Dee

    The cast alone makes me want to see it!

  • LOOKS GREAT! can’t wait to support the project.

  • rOXy

    I love Chris! From this preview, it doesn’t look boring and has some snappy dialogue. I’ll go see it!

  • romesf415


  • kschoice94

    haha “we will spread that shit like nutella” Can’t wait!