Watch: ‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Releases Sneak Peak Promo Video


We’ve been waiting for ages, but it is finally on it’s way back. Season 5 of Mad Men will be back on the air March 25 with a two-hour premiere. Today we got to see a very quick sneak peak at the new season with their promo video. The cast has been dropping hints for a few weeks now but this promo doesn’t give away much at all. John Slattery, who plays Roger Sterling, has said that “this season is the best yet.” Check out the promo to get you excited for the March return…

So, what can we expect? John Slattery told Huffington Post that with season 5 they’ve “somehow circled back after all the details and all the plot development that’s happened with everybody … it’s kind of circled back to the sort of tunnel vision on each character and various elements of each character that they’ve dialed in on. It’s somehow simpler”.

Don’t worry about a spoiler alert because this promo doesn’t reveal too much. It does say that “adultery is back”, “Roger is back” and “debauchery is back” (of course!) and the video has the famous Mad Men sex appeal and swagger. All we know is that Roger and Joan keep hooking up… what else does the promo reveal? The publicity they have done for the return of season 5 has been smart, just like the show. On taxis around NYC there is the image of the “falling man” (like this one below) and all it says is “March 25.” Love it!

Check out the promo to get you excited. You know I am!

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    Ahhhh! I forgot that this show was coming back in March!!! It felt like so long away before that I wasn’t counting down like I would’ve been otherwise :)

  • Chris

    I can’t wait