The Late Michael Jackson Pays Tribute To The Late Whitney Houston


There were a lot of big name celebs in attendance at Whitney Houston’s funeral yesterday but, very obviously, the late Michael Jackson could not be there … well, in person. Even still, the estate of Michael Jackson want the world to know that he sends his condolences to Whitney’s family and he pays tribute to her in death … even tho he is dead, too. Click below to see the tribute to the late Whitney Houston that was released this weekend by the estate of the late Michael Jackson.

Whitney Houston had a very close connection to Michael Jackson, and ironically the pair had even more in common with their sudden, tragic deaths at almost the same exact age. Now, ET has obtained a copy of a tribute to Whitney by the Jackson Estate that is running in trade magazines, the Los Angeles Times and Whitney’s hometown paper, the Newark Star Ledger, on Saturday, the day of her funeral. Above the image of a single, perfect rose, the ad reads simply “Whitney,” then below it, “In loving memory of her majestic voice, her radiant beauty and the magic she created on stage.”

Honestly, I thought I had seen it all … until now. Never did I think that deceased celebrities would start paying tribute to other deceased celebrities but leave it to Michael Jackson to start the trend. As odd as this may feel (and let’s be real, it does feel odd), I’m impressed that the estate of the late Michael Jackson wanted to pay tribute to Whitney in MJ’s name. I guess it’s the classiest act by a dead person that I’ve ever heard of. HMMM.


  • With all my respect…this is the most stupid and pathetic thing I ever read… Is plain silly, who’s next? Elvis declaration of been a fan of Whitney???? Please Please let them rest in peace… If you want to pay homage and remember put a cd and enjoy their talent.

  • PixiesBassline

    Well, it would be a lot weirder if it actually said it was from M.J.
    Not so weird, though, coming from “The Estate of Michael Jackson”. Although, it would probably be even less weird if it was from the Jackson family themselves.

  • Ashley

    I think the estate just wanted to extend their condolences. Makes sense to me, since Michael and Whitney were close. She told Oprah in 2009 about how they would speak on the phone during the trial, and I think that probably meant a lot to him. I think it was a nice gesture from the estate.