Lindsay Lohan Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ On March 3


NBC has announced that Lindsay Lohan, the comeback kid (we hope), will be hosting the March 3 episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Jack White. As you may recall, Lindsay previously hosted SNL four times (with musical guests Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Scissor Sisters and Usher) so this new gig will be her fifth time hosting. Considering how well she’s been behaving the past few months, it makes sense that she would want to make an attempt at getting back into the showbiz public eye.

If you consider Lindsay’s recent criminal woes and her recent nude feature in Playboy magazine, there should be a LOT of stuff about her life to milk for comedic purposes on the show. It remains to be seen if she will be up to the task but she has managed to shine on her previous SNL stints. I’m curious to see how she handles herself this time around. You better believe I will be tuning in to watch … will you?


  • JejuneStar

    OMG jack white OMG

  • Iheartaustin

    I have loved her other hosting gigs on SNL so I think I might actually have to watch this one

  • Janet

    Gross, when I saw that I thought what the hell were they thinking having that train wreck there? That is one episode I know I won’t be watching

    • ChristineLA

      Ditto. No chance I will tune in for this, watching her just makes me sad.

  • nicole

    I think this might actually be good

  • Jackie

    She did a good job the last time she hosted. The Harry Potter skit is one of my fave SNL skits. However, I’ll wait till the day after this airs and watch the best skits online, rather than sit through the whole show. :)