Jessica Simpson & Baby Bump Go Shopping


Jessica Simpson, who looks about 3 milliseconds from exploding baby all over the place, was spotted on a shopping excursion in SoCal this week. As you can see below, Jess’s baby bump is GINORMOUS. I understand she and baby bump did a bit of shopping at Bel Bambini to pick up a few last minute things before she births her baby … which, as I think we can all agree, will be in mere moments. Check out the radiant and very cute mom to be below :)

She is in her last stages of pregnancy and no doubt feeling a little uncomfortable. So it appears that Jessica Simpson is sticking to what she feels most content in when it comes to her attire. The 31-year-old singer stepped out in another faithful clingy maxi dress today, this time in a pretty spring shade of green. Suitably Jessica was out shopping at Bel Bambini baby boutique in Los Angeles. Showing off her very large baby bump Jessica paired her colourful outfit with some beige and bright orange wedges and a black blazer jacket. The pregnant star made her way into the upscale boutique accompanied by a friend, and kept refreshed with a bottle of Perrier mineral water.

As you may recall, we saw personal photos of Jessica at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, IN earlier this month and she was looking all glowy and stuff. It seems to me that these days she’s prolly over the “glow” and is ready to just get on with the baby birthin’. She looks fab in this green dress … my guess is that this will be one of the last (if not THE last) time we see Jessica before she finally becomes a mama.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • krtmom

    Those boobs look like they could breastfeed a small African country!!!

    • Sabrina

      That’s a hilarious comment! Her boobs were already big, now they’re like their very own countries!

  • Megan

    Is it just me or does it feel like she has been pregnant forever?

    • MOTM

      She prolly feels like its been forever, good gravy she looks like she’s carrying quads.

    • ChristineLA

      God bless her, though, for not being a celeb who carries pregnancy particularly well. I have to appreciate that her face looks full, and she doesn’t just look like a twig that swallowed a basketball, because this is exactly what I looked like pregnant, and hated every moment of it! I’m sure she was over it a month ago.

    • Megan

      Definitely love that she looks like a proper pregnant woman, I think she looks gorgeous! But it’s like Beyonce’s pregnancy was half the time of this :P

  • cmc

    I read she’s not due til April! She’s def a cute pregnant lady, but she looks *so* uncomfortable. And she still has months to go!

  • Sanchez

    I have absolutely ZERO desire to be pregnant. Bleck, ick, no thank you.

  • AmandaMarie

    @cmc – there’s no way she’s lasting until April. I give it mid march at the latest.

  • Chris

    she always remind me of someone that would get enormous when pregnant, and she certainly has, geez o weez.

  • swile71

    That’s gonna be a BIG baby, or she’s having more than one…DAMN!!!

  • Tiffany

    I’m wondering twins. Her weight is all boobs and belly.