Fashion Friends? Michelle Williams And Lana Del Rey At Mulberry Fashion Show In London


We had pics this morning of Rihanna at Stella McCartney’s fashion show yesterday at London Fashion Week. Now we have more pics from London – Michelle Williams, Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks at the Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2012 collection show today. We often get to see actors and musicians sitting front row at a fashion show as film, fashion and music collide, but it’s certainly an eclectic mix of celebs at Mulberry’s show in London today. Lana is due to perform at the post-show tonight. We have pics from the front row below…

Dressed in a sweet pale blue dress and long jacket, Michelle looks every bit the adorable vintage doll at Mulberry. Her pixie haircut is totally giving her this very cute look now even more.

Michelle has been very busy of late. She has been on a European promotional tour for her film, My Week With Marilyn and has recently finished filming a Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz: The Great and Powerful with Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and James Franco. (Note to self: must look more into this.) A couple of weeks ago we also got to see Michelle in an inventive Polaroid fashion photo shoot for Band of Outsiders.

A few seats away from Ms Williams is Lana Del Rey. There has been a lot of stuff reported recently about Lana. First there was the Saturday Night Live saga, the spoof, the tour ‘cancellation’ and then it’s reinstation. Lana has been busy with in-person appearances and live performances around the U.S but she has made time to attend London Fashion Week while she is there for the Brit Awards. I have to say, she looks slightly out of place dressed casually in jeans and a sports cardigan teamed with a Mulberry handbag. It is an odd combination and doesn’t quite come together as a chic ensemble for me. Lana is performing at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night, and is due to perform at Mulberry’s post-show dinner tonight. It will be interesting to see how she goes..

Check out some of the pics from the show…

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  • Meghan

    Love, love, love Mulberry!

  • Desdemona

    This is kind of a non story. Which is fine. But don’t make it seem like they are friends…they sat seats away at a fashion show. Ends up making the post kind of a bait and switch. :-)

    What IS interesting about this post is the pics of the Downton Abbey girls! and that’s not even mentioned. Weird to see them in modern dress!

  • C

    It’s refreshingly down-to-earth of her to not have a makeup team and glam squad for appearances.

  • BCDanielle

    I think Lana looks amazing! I admire her for reinventing herself (as so many artists do) and standing her ground. Go Lana!