WATCH: Whitney Houston’s Funeral Can Be Live Streamed HERE


Earlier today I mentioned that Whitney Houston’s funeral/Going Home service is being live streamed online so that her legion of fans around the world can partake in the celebratory memorial service for the late singer. If you would like to watch today’s service, you can do so right here on Pink is the new Blog. If you click below you will find an embed video that will live stream CBS’s coverage of today’s funeral service. The coverage will begin 1 hour before the funeral is scheduled to begin at 12PM ET/9AM PT … therefore, the embed will go live at 11AM ET/8AM PT.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Thank you and goodbye, Whitney Houston. You are loved more than words can say and your music will stand as an eternal testament of your incomparable talent. Rest well, Whitney … we will always love you.


  • loriannakim

    Watching it right now. So heartbreaking. All my prayers are with her family. RIP Whitney. We love you and we will miss you

  • Whitney will be missed more than words can begin to describe. My heart is with her daughter and mother. Rest in peace to a beautiful and talented legend. I am just so sad about her loss.

  • ChristineLA

    I’m just heartbroken. Whitney Houston’s death is just so tragic.

  • babsee in asheville

    Confession. I watched part of the Whitney Houston funeral on television today. Time after time, it was spoken or inferred that God’s hand was all over her, her voice, her career, her legacy, her life.

    Of course, there were references to Heaven and angel song (much of the ceremony feeling choreographed like a Grammy number), God’s name being uttered over a chorus of celebrity performances and appearances.

    Certainly possessing superlative talent, Whitney Houston’s abilities and beauty were her own and not the property of any deity. Her sad slide into drug abuse and destructive behavior (resulting in her ultimate end, dead from overdose in a hotel bathtub) was a story of choices…human choices…and no happy Jesus talk and gospel choirs will ever make Houston’s death anything other than tragic and pointless.

    When I was a believer, church funerals gave comfort. As an atheist, church funerals seem like a sweet-tasting yet empty placebo for the grief-stricken. I yearn for memorial services that are truly based around fond memories, poignant stories and perhaps even some helpful lessons to be learned, because the whole “God called them home” themes ring false to me, and the theatrics and sermons are saccharine and unsatisfying.

    • ChristineLA

      I’m inclined to agree with you. However, the service was for Cissy Houston and Bobbi Christina, primarily, and this may be EXACTLY what they needed. My feelings about it are irrelevant, although it is nice to think Whitney is singing her heart out in heaven, with her voice at the height of its glory. I will say this, as someone who has never been to a black Baptist funeral, it was a hell of a lot more uplifting than the funerals I have been to in my life.