Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Are Wearing Matching Name Rings


Earlier today, Pink writer Melissa blogged about a new adoption by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux … and while we continue to celebrate the growth of their little family, there is other Justifer news to celebrate as well. It turns out that the couple have taken another significant step forward in their relationship … they are now wearing matching gold name rings. At the Wanderlust premiere in LA this week, co-stars and real life lovebirds Jennifer and Justin were both photographed wearing the matching rings on their ring fingers … which you can get a closer look at below.

She said earlier this month that she was fed up with speculation about her private life. But then Jennifer Aniston makes a statement like arriving to the premiere of her new movie Wanderlust wearing a name ring to match her beau Justin Theroux’s – on her engagement finger. Jennifer shone in a grey corseted dress as she posed at the premiere, with one of her main accessories being the gold ring bearing her Christian name. Justin, meanwhile, wore a ring bearing his name – a sign of the pair’s commitment to each other. However, the couple’s pledge of love and fidelity might have been better if the rings were slimmer, and perhaps made of silver rather than the incredibly chunky gold rings they opted for. Talking recent about her relationship with Justin, Jennifer told America’s GQ magazine: ‘It’s a growing, literally living thing. There’s going to be growing pains, there’s going to be awkward moments – your lanky phase, your pimpled phase. I think that’s the beauty of a relationship … The pair both posed up on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of their movie, but refused to pose for a shot together. It may well have been because Justin, 40, prefers to keep their relationship out of the public eye. In an interview to promote the film this week he said: ‘I understand the curiosity, but other than saying I am happy, I am not going to indulge it. That’s building your own torture device.’

The only weird thing about this matching ring development is that Jennifer is wearing her own name ring and Justin is wearing his own name thing … but there is no doubt, the rings were made to match one another. I suppose it’s possible that the pair are planning to get engaged very soon but … then again, some couples wait up to 6 years to get engaged so … I guess we won’t know until we know. For now, I think it’s a significant step that the couple are wearing rings at all. They are so lurve, y’all … so, so in lurve.

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  • Isabelle

    Puppy love.

  • nicole

    i thought it was cute, until i realized they were wearing their own i just dont know what to make of it lol

  • Wendy

    They’ve been wearing the rings since last June.

  • Jess

    Old news

  • I’m relieved because I was just thinking that Jennifer’s hands were looking very manly. This makes more sense!

    • JCZ

      ARGH! Me too – I was scrolling up and down comparing the pics!

      Hey, if Megan Fox can be insanely attractive with a toe for a thumb, Jennifer can look hot with Madonna hands!

  • Megan

    I like these guys but those rings are just plain tacky :P

  • Oscar

    I wonder who is the couple that waits 6 years to get engaged and specially in a foreign country?.DUH….Congrats again.LOL….

  • Ben

    First Trent and David maybe next are Justin and Jen…Love is in the air!!!

  • Shannon

    I had this gold name ring in 8th grade

  • Anne Boleyn

    How lame.

    • PixiesBassline


  • Trisha

    Yeah – so Jennifer told me at lunch that Justin’s friend told her friend that he might want to go steady or at least skate couples with her… they are going to meet under the bleachers after school to make out!