Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Have Adopted A Baby Girl


Amidst all the pregnancy RUMORS that have been going around I couldn’t resist being a bit playful with the headline. No, Justifer have not adopted a baby human (sorry to raise any alarms), they have adopted a baby PUPPY called Sophie. Their new family member is a 3 month boxer-pitbull mix and Jen has described her as “the most adorable little cookie you’ve ever seen…she looks like she just smoked an exploding cigar.” Cuute!

We have known for a while that Jennifer and Justin are deeply committed to each other. We saw super gorgeous pics of them cuddling and kissing and showing plenty of PDA a few weeks ago at Jen’s birthday. They just seem very happy together and have moved in together. This is just further proof that they are indeed in it for the long run. Adopting a pet is a sure sign that a couple are wanting to share their lives together. I can’t wait to see pics of little Sophie, she just sounds adorable. We know now that Jen is definitely not pregnant (it was all just rumors) but my personal opinion is that she is ready to be a mom and have a family with Justin which is why they have adopted a puppy. A first step for practice perhaps?

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  • Nikita

    I have never been more excited about a headline ever. Or more crushed by the actual content of the story. :(

  • ok, totally fooled me. thought it was bogus kid adoption story. a dog, ok, got it. good one.

  • nicole

    Haha i was so i feel kind of crushed lol

  • Ama

    Hm, there are some reports saying she adopted a Shepherd Mix and others saying it is a pit bull/Boxer mix(have seen the shepherd mix more than the pit bull/boxer mix). Either way, it seems she adopted the dog from Best Friend Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Which is an awesome place, I love it.

  • emily

    her dog, Norman, died awhile back, and she was pretty crushed by that. I saw a repeat of Chelsea Lately with Jen on it, and she brought Norman out, and she was so proud, it made me a little sad thinking she doesn’t have his companionship anymore. That’s nice she has found another companion (other than Justin, of course.) Sad I know this, but pets just stick in my brain.

  • Debho

    I was so excited to read the heading, then my heart sank. My beautiful dog Sophie died just yesterday. I hope my girl Jen loves and enjoys her Sophie as much as we did outs.

  • Joanna

    I’m kinda surprised she wanted another dog after the death of her other dog last year. She kinda treated him like the child she always wants! She even bought an apartment for him for G-D sake! Must be Justin’s doing. I hope she’s at least happy with her new “daughter.”

    • Vicky

      Just because she wants another dog after Norman, doesn’t mean she’s disrespecting his memory or anything. Dogs bring so much joy to peoples lives, why wouldn’t she want another one?

  • Ashley

    You totally got me. I was like whaaattt.? How come I didn’t hear it all over the news

  • Isabelle

    Awww Mel, you’re so cruel !

  • banana

    she really loves that black gold zipper bag of hers! she’s always carrying it in every single photo of hers! love a celebrity who doesn’t change her bag every single second!