Rumors Mount That Janet Jackson Could Be The New ‘X Factor’ Judge


We haven’t heard much since all the shenanigans of the departure of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger from X Factor a few weeks ago. We did hear some rumors about Mariah Carey being a possible replacement, but nothing further has come of that goss.. for now. Today we have info that looks as if they might have chosen a new judge.. Miss Janet Jackson! It hasn’t been announced, but Janet was interviewed by Anderson Cooper (which will air on Monday on his show) and during that interview when she was asked about rumors of her joining the show, she stumbled and giggled and basically said that she couldn’t say anything… Oooh could Janet be the new judge to replace Paula or Nicole?

When Anderson asked her if she could confirm or deny the rumors of her joining the show, her response, was “Oh my God..” She stumbled and mumbled and giggled and then eventually said “No I’m not a judge on The X Factor… currently…but that’s all I really think I should say.”

Ah, I love it, she’s a terrible liar! I think she basically gave it away… which is fine by me. I think Janet would be the PERFECT choice for an ‘X Factor’ judge and hopefully it will bring her back to the lively ‘Janet’ era. I also think it would a big pull for the show so it makes a lot of sense. Guess we will just have to wait for an official announcement. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Janet and Mariah were the 2 new judges!?

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    EH. I would rather have Mariah Carey, to be honest. I mean… Janet Jackson is OK, but she’s very shy and timid, and, not to be rude, but she has, like, no career… The Superbowl ruined her career forever.

  • Timothy

    And what career does Mariah have? Her last hit album was in 2005.. Please have a seat. Janet has been making hit records 10 years before we even knew Mariah existed.

    • Isabelle

      Memoirs…was released in 2009. And she released a Xmas album 2010. You have a seat.

    • John

      Right on Isabelle! And HAH! at Timothy who seems to think that Janet is or ever WAS bigger than Mariah! In terms of sales AND vocals, Mariah is virtually untouchable- better recognize. She is one of the few remaining REAL music legends- therefore i think she is too big for the show. She should concentrate on making more of that amazing music!

  • Ronn

    I loooooove Janet like no other but I do not want to see her as a judge on any of these so called “talent contest” shows. It is sooo cliche now and baiscally reaffirms that YOUR music career is over. Janet still has a lot of umph left in her and I would much rather see her focus on more films than jumping on this boring bandwagon trend (set by Paula Abdul)of divas judging singing contests.Pleeeeze Janet don’t do it!!!

  • Stephanie

    I can just see her critiquing of the contestants performances now: “Giggle, Giggle. I love you too! Giggle, Giggle” I’ll pass watching her on that show. She has made some good music, but a good singer she is not!