Seal Has Taken His Wedding Ring Off


It’s been a while since we had more news on the Seal and Heidi Klum front. Last week we saw Heidi make her first public debut since she and husband, Seal, confirmed their separation. She attended the red carpet for the amfAR gala in NYC. Noticeably at that event Heidi still had her ring on, which as Trent said, speaks volumes. Today though we have the first pics of Seal without his wedding ring. He has been wearing it constantly the past few weeks and now it is the first time we have seen him without it.

The pics of Seal were taken as Seal touched down in Sydney (my hometown) today. As you can see in the photos he has bright yellow nail polish on and no wedding band..

Trent reported earlier in the week that the fact that neither Heidi or Seal have filed official paperwork to end their marriage seems very promising that they are truly working hard to save their marriage. They have also both been wearing their rings, constantly, which was also sending a strong message about their separation. That is why when I first saw these pics I got sad because this is the first time we have seen Seal without his wedding ring. Heidi still had her ring on at the NYC red carpet even last week. I know that the ring on or off doesn’t necessarily mean anything, and perhaps he just took the ring off while he was flying (he did just land at Sydney airport) but I can’t help feeling a sense of doom with this one…


  • BriK

    …and the bright neon nails are certainly drawing attention to it (on purpose?)

  • mandy

    I think his daughters might have something to do with the nail polish…

  • it may be because of the flight. a long flight like that can really build up fluids and such. i’m not done having hope for these ones yet.