Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Pose For A Valentine’s Day Photo Together


Yesterday we saw a cute Valentine’s Day photo of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon that Mimi shared with her Lambs on Twitter. Today we get to check out a loving photo of Jennifer Lopez and her much younger toyboy Casper Smart that was also shared on Twitter. J. Lo posted this new photo on her official Twitter profile on Valentine’s Day … then decided to delete it. Click below to see the photo that J. Lo first wanted you to see then decided to try and make disappear.

She was recently photographed nude for a sensual new perfume ad for her fragrance Glowing. And it seems that Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart is keen to get in on the action. The pair posed for a steamy Valentines picture together- with J-Lo’s dancer beau planting a tender kiss on the singer’s head. Jennifer has her eyes closed in the black and white shot, resting her head gently against Casper’s shoulder.
The star originally posted the picture on her Twitter page – although she appears to have deleted it since.

Altho J. Lo deleted this photo from her Twitter page, she did leve up her Valentine’s Day message to fans:

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY #JLOVE?RS!! I wish U ALL lots of love today and always! I l appreciate and love you all. #sweettweet

No word on why she decided to delete the photo … I mean, it’s no secret that she and Casper are an item. They look really in love in this photo … why not share that love with the world?

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  • Myriam

    no matter what people say…good for her if shes happy
    they look cute together.

  • nicole

    i kinda love this picture

  • kellye

    These two weird me out for some reason.

    • ChristineLA

      Me too, it just reeks of trying too hard to convince people they are a real couple.

  • Erika

    looks like a strange love picture of a mom and her son

    • Lynne

      Are you serious? They look the same age in the photo!

  • wow amazing .. i love it. Jlo is the best sexy singer ever.

  • John

    His tattoos are AMAZING

  • Vanessa

    This is a very cute photo. I can totally relate to their relationship as I am dating someone 13 years my senior. I have always been into older men and I see nothing wrong with others doing so. They look happy so I am going to be happy for them!

  • G

    When will JLO realize that when you play with boys, you get shit on. Find yourself a good man and stop the madness.