Britney Spears Invites Batman & Spider-Man To Hang With Her Sons On Valentine’s Day


Britney Spears shared a photo on her official Twitter profile that let her fans in on how she and her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Britney managed to get superheroes Batman AND Spider-Man to take time away from their bizzy crime-fighting schedules in order to spend some hang time with her sons. Check out the photo below of Sean P. and JJ chillin’ with their new superhero BFFs.

Batman and Spiderman came over yesterday to wish the boys Happy Valentine’s day!

Not only did our dear Britney manage to do the seemingly impossible of procuring two different superheroes from two different comic book universes (Batman = DC Comics, Spider-Man = Marvel Comics) but she managed to do so on Valentine’s Day … a day when Batman would be mackin’ on Catwoman and Spider-Man would be chillin’ with his true love Mary Jane Watson. Will you just look at how happy Sean and Jayden look? Britney Spears is the coolest mom around, don’tcha think?


  • Cheryl

    What a great mom! They look so happy!

  • JillieBean430

    Ha ha! I love that this post is filled with comic book references! Love you Trent! :-)

  • c-word

    awwww!!! that’s so awesome! what a good mom! :)

  • Astrid

    Britney is the coolest mom EVER!! :)

  • Tara

    Hopefully it didn’t turn out like this:

    • Dot

      Lol! that video was weird but still funny