No Time Off For Adele, She Plans To Record Her Next Album Soon


In a recent interview, multi Grammy Award winner Adele gave her fans a mini-heart attack when she made it seem like she was about to take a 5 year break from recording music. Today we learn from Adele herself that her comments were taken out of context. In fact, Adele informs us not only does she have a bizzy schedule in the immediate but she will be returning to the recording studio to work on her next album very, very soon.

Adele set the record straight on her official blog about her five-year hiatus plan. The British pop sensation clarified her previous statement soon after it made headlines. She wrote that she would indeed take a break, but it won’t be that long. “I’ve a few days off now, and then it’s the Brit Awards here at home and then I’m straight into the studio,” the big winner at 2012 Grammy Awards informed her devotees. She assured them, “BOYYAHH! 5 years? More like 5 days!”

Yes, Adele is happy and in lurve and ready to focus on her new man Simon Konecki but now that we know that she won’t be taking a hiatus from recording we can look forward to all of the amazing LOVE SONGS that she will likely start recording very soon. Adele has cornered the market on painful breakup songs … I think the time is right for her to move into the realm of singing happy love songs. And I suspect we’ll be hearing new music from Ms. Adele sooner rather than later … much to the ecstatic glee of her hordes of fans.



    I expect a new album in 2013.

  • nicole

    im thinking a new single by christmas, then a new album by january

  • yes this is great.. i cant wait now, go for it adele
    Good Luck.

  • John

    Thank fuck! We only just got her back. Am looking forward to her Brit awards performance next Wednesday! Hopefully it’s Set Fire To The Rain or Rumor Has It

  • Miguel

    SWEET BABY JESUS. I’m so looking forward to a new album with her new voice, and new meaning. :D 23, here we come. <3

  • Sarah

    @Miguel, you took the words straight outta my mouth! What would us dedicated Adele fans do without the British beauty for FIVE years? Die, probably. Looking forward to her next album!