Mariah Carey Sends A Valentine’s Day Card To Her Lambs


Mariah Carey, who is still mourning the death of her dear friend Whitney Houston, shared a Valentine’s Day message with all of her fans on her official Twitter profile yesterday. Altho Mimi felt it was a “bittersweet” Valentine’s Day this year, she still wanted to let all of her Lambs know how much she loves and cares for them. Awww. Mimi shared a Valentine’s Day card that features a really cute photos of MC with her husband Nick Cannon … click below to check it out.

A bittersweet Valentine’s day… I hope everyone can share today with their loved ones!

Aww … I really love this photo of Mimi and Nick. You can tell that they are really in love. And, I have to say, I’m not at all surprised that Mariah is still upset over the loss of Whitney Houston. But, if anything can help heal the pain of loss … it’s the realization that love conquers all. Despite the bittersweetness of the timing of VDay this year, I hope Mariah, Nick AND all of you were still able to enjoy a happy and loving Valentine’s Day this year.


  • Fabio

    What’s the best Mariah album to listen to? Anyone?

    • @Fabio — I Love E=MC2

    • Brandon


    • Anils

      Daydream, Emotions, Butterfly :)

  • apriljan

    MY selections are Emotions, Music Box, Daydream, Butterfly and the Emancipation of Mimi.

    Music Box: the first album I bought with my own money for getting straight A’s.. best investment ever!

    She’s so amazing. Love her

  • gayana

    Music Box )))

  • Fabio

    I downloaded the greatest hits and music box. Omg I love anytime you need a friend :) @Trent imma check that album out next!

    • Randal

      Fabio, as the HUGE MC fan that I am, I’m inclined to say all her cd’s are great. However, to get to the essence of MARIAH, I’d say listen to “Butterfly.”

    • nicole

      @Ranadal – i was going to say the same thing…i couldnt suggest just one, i’d have to say listen to all of them. they all offer something a little different.

  • Fabio

    I was looking through the covers and I do love the butterfly cover she looks so natural and pretty

  • Monica

    Musicbox and Daydream :)

  • John

    Sooooo fucking adorable this woman owns me :) and I’d agree with the other guys saying each album offers something different, personally I love E=MC2, Daydream, Butterfly, Music Box and TEOM the most but every single one is amazing!

  • Sam

    Nothing comes close to ” Butterfly “. It’s her best album so far.

  • Anils

    I think Butterfly is her best album but you HAVE to listen to Daydream first Fabio!!!