First Listen: Garbage Previews Their New Song ‘I Hate Love’


Earlier this month we got our first taste of a new snippet of music from Garbage, who are releasing their first album of new material in 7 years on May 15. Up ’til now, we’ve only heard instrumental clips of the new songs from their forthcoming album Not Your Kind of People. As a special Valentine’s Day gift to their fans, the band has released the first clip of music to feature vocals from singer Shirley Manson. In addition, the band has also released for sale a limited edition t-shirt. Both the song clip and the shirt are inspired by their new song I Hate Love. Click below to hear/see more.

We have the most incredible fans. We are overwhelmed by the amazing “I Hate Love” art we received from all of you from across the globe. As a Valentine’s Day treat, here’s a sneak peak of a new song called “I Hate Love’ showcasing some of your art. We weren’t able to include all of your love-hating creations in the video clip, but we will put together “I Hate Love” photo albums on our Facebook page today to display everyone’s work. We can’t thank you all enough for inspiring us.

YES … finally. As much as I’ve been loving the clips of instrumental music, I’ve been dying to hear Shirley’s vocals on any of the new songs. Last week, the band released another clip of music that features a pretty kickass guitar riff:

Still, we have no idea when we will be hearing one of these new songs in full. The album won’t be released until May but I’m certain we’ll be hearing something from the album … soon.

As for that limited edition t-shirt the band is selling, this is what it looks like:

If you would like to purchase one of the only 500 shirts available … you can do so HERE. It’s always a good day when we get to hear new stuff from Garbage … and I’m very much looking forward to many more good days to come.

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  • Danny

    Yay, love the song and her anti-Valentine’s Day stance lol ;) I miss her brand of music. Bring on the cynicism, Shirley ;p

  • Jenn

    So excited for their new album! And I agree with Danny, bring on the cynicism!

  • banana

    Is the new album gonna be named as “I Hate Love”? has news been released already?