Even MORE Photos From The ‘David Beckham Bodywear’ Campaign Hit The Internets


In the past few weeks we’ve been blessed with PROMO IMAGES, a TV COMMERCIAL and a LARGER-THAN-LIFE PAINTING of David Beckham showing off his impressive bulge as he models his new like of David Beckham Bodywear for H&M. Today, we are blessed with a new batch of promo photos to salivate over. This time around, Becks is modeling his line of long johns (long underwear), boxer shorts, t-shirts and tank tops. While these items of underclothing may sound mundane, I can assure you … on David Beckham, they are anything but … check out the photos below.

David Beckham recently admitted that his wife loves him wearing long johns and now it’s clear to see why. Victoria must have got quite excited when she saw new images from the footballer’s underwear campaign for H&M. The 36-year-old is sporting an impressive package in the cosy garments after revealing he does not ‘stuff’ his underwear. Following the release of his underwear range for the high street store, the rest of David’s collection has now been unveiled in the chain’s latest catalogue. The father-of-four is seen showing off his toned body and impressive body art in a series of images that sees him covering up his legs. This is exactly how Victoria prefers him to dress and even forces David to wear the tight garment. ‘Victoria loves me in long johns,’ he recently admitted to the Daily Mirror. ‘I like wearing the normal, short briefs but she reckons she likes me better wearing the long johns! She makes me wear them around the house. But that’s OK because they’re comfortable and keep you warm.’ He went on to set the record straight and revealed he has never resorted to stuffing his underwear to make his manhood appear bulkier. Referring to comedian James Corden – who parodied him in a shoot, and later admitted to stuffing socks in the underwear – David said: ‘I’ve never, ever done a James and padded out my pants, or shoved socks down there though. I’ve never had to for any of the photoshoots I’ve done because, hopefully, I don’t need to. Well, let’s just say I’ve been told I don’t need any help in that department. I think I’m pretty OK!’

Oh yes, I’d agree … I think David Beckham is “pretty OK”, too. It’s amazing how the right model can make even the most mundane and boring items of clothing look … appealing. I have never been a fan of long johns … but I’m starting to change my opinion. I am really loving the promo ad campaign for David Beckham Bodywear … and I sincerely hope the ad firm and Becks win a lot of Peabody, or CLIO, or Pulitzer or whatever awards for their ad campaign efforts. Yes … this has to be the best ad campaign I’ve ever seen … ever … wouldn’t you agree?


  • Be still my beating heart! Yeah, I’d say he looks “pretty OK” too! Dear god, that is just perfection.

  • David in Chelsea, MA

    He just doesn’t do it for me anymore. The photos aren’t particularly flattering. His body and face have both hit the wall. Weird,though, because he isn’t particularly old.

  • Al

    I remember reading that Posh said his cock was like the exhaust pipe on a tractor.