Bobby Brown Is Unwanted At Whitney Houston’s Funeral & Is Being Kept Away From Grieving Bobbi Kristina


On Monday we learned that Whitney Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown made his way to LA in an attempt to be with his grieving daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was hospitalized after she suffered a breakdown in the wake of her mother’s untimely death last Saturday. Today we learn that members of Houston’s family are unhappy that Brown might attend Whitney’s funeral this coming weekend and are reportedly telling him in no uncertain terms to stay away. Additionally, we are hearing that Brown has been deliberately kept from seeing his daughter Bobbi Kris, despite his numerous attempts at making contact. If all of this is to be believed, it seems that there are quite a few people in Whitney’s family that do not think very highly of her ex.

Bobby Brown is “extremely disappointed” after hearing that several members of Whitney Houston’s family do not want him to attend the singer’s funeral, sources tell TMZ. Sources close to Bobby tell us people connected to the Houston family have reached out to Bobby to warn him that he shouldn’t attempt to attend the funeral because the family isn’t fond of him. However, we’re told Bobby has not received any OFFICIAL word from the family about his invite status. Sources tell us Bobby WANTS to attend the funeral so he can support his daughter Bobbi Kristina, but he hasn’t decided on a plan of action yet … Bobby is hoping the family will be able to set aside their differences so they all can focus on mourning the loss of their loved one.

Considering that many people believe that Bobby Brown is largely responsible for some of the tragedies that Whitney Houston endured in her life, I can completely understand why members of her family would want to keep him away from the funeral. That being said, even a man like Bobby Brown should be allowed to mourn the death of his late ex-wife. Without question, there was love between the two of them once upon a time … I suspect that Whitney would want him to be in attendance.

As for the Houston family keeping Bobby away from his daughter right now, well, in my personal opinion … if the family thinks that Bobbi Kris needs to be protected from extraneous drama then, I agree that it should be they who do the protecting … not Bobby Brown:

Bobby Brown still hasn’t seen his daughter — THREE days after Whitney Houston’s death — and he thinks Whitney’s family, specifically Cissy Houston, is throwing up the road block. Sources close to Bobby tell us he hasn’t connected with Bobbi Kristina since arriving in L.A. Sunday night — despite placing several phone calls and making an attempt to physically see her early [Tuesday] morning. We’re told Brown was turned away by Whitney’s family and friends who are caring for BK at a home in the Los Angeles area. According to our sources, Bobby is angry and frustrated because he only came to L.A. to care for 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina after she was hospitalized twice. As for why he’s blaming Whitney’s mom for the freeze out — we’re told Brown thinks Cissy has hated him for years.

Um, yeah, I bet Cissy Houston hates Bobby Browna lot. On this matter, I’m totally siding with the Houston family. Bobbi Kris is extremely fragile right now (as evidenced by her hospitalizations) and as much as his heart may be in the right place, I can understand why the Houston family may believe his influence on her might be damaging right now. Ugh … everything about this whole matter is just beyond sad and complicated. It will only be after the family funeral this Saturday that the family will begin to heal. I truly hope that everyone will be able to get along in the end for the good of Bobbi Kris … and for the memory of Whitney Houston.

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  • cmc

    How do we know Bobbi Kristina herself isn’t declining to see her dad? She’s an adult- if she doesn’t want to see him, she shouldn’t have to! Even if it’s her family doing the actual interference- um, if she wanted to see her dad, she would have asked for him IMO.

    As for the funeral, I agree with you Trenth. Sure, it’s completely understandable that the family absolutely hates him- but barring him from the funeral sounds petty. They really loved each other once, and he should have the opportunity to pay his respects.

  • blaqfury

    This is just sad all around. I think that yeah, maybe Bobby does get blamed for Whitney’s “struggles” but I’m on the side that he has a right to be at the funeral and to at least see his daughter.

    Hate him or not, they were married for like 17 years. And Whitney clearly loved him and even after the divorce didn’t seem to hate him. So from the outside looking in, it seems they were at least cordial. He’s not some stranger, he maybe the ex-husband, but he’s also the Bobbi Kris’ father. The only parent she has left.

    Unless Bobbi Kris is asking specifically not to see him, I think they should let him, I’m not saying they need to leave them alone together. But i think he should see her and make sure she’s as all right as can be. He’s still her father. Although I do question his delay to getting to her right away. He shoulda went straight to LA when he heard the news instead of performing that night…imo. but again from looking on the outside in, it seems like they still talk to each other and have a relationship. Especially when he was with her, comforting her, and sticking up for her in the media around that tabloid scandal with the drug pics.

  • Krissy

    First, I would just like to say that family business can be complicated and only the people involved can really know the dynamics.

    From my limited perspective, though, I think Bobby should be allowed to go to her funeral. He is the father of her child, and the person she chose to be married to for many years. I don’t think he is perfect by any means…but neither was Whitney. No matter what Whitney’s family does, he will always be Bobby Kristina’s dad. I think working on the relationship would be healthier than trying to end it.

    I think it is very wrong to blame Bobby for Whitney’s mistakes. Addiction 101 says that the addict must take responsibility for their actions. Even people that are considered triggers or bad influences can not be blamed for an addicts behavior. Whitney chose her own path.

  • ChristineLA

    I don’t understand this at all, she is 18 and can make her own decision who she wants to see, right? Is it possible that she just doesn’t want to see her dad?

    With regards to Bobby Brown causing the downfall of Whitney Houston, I completely agree with Krissy. Bobby Brown may not have been a great influence, but neither was Whitney on Bobby. They were addicts, and with all the stories over the years of Whitney’s behavior before she met Bobby Brown, she did not enter into this relationship without already having a monkey on her back. Congratulations to her handlers and publicists at the time, because they really did package and sell Whitney as THE original Golden Girl.

    Wow, does anyone else remember when Mariah Carey was considered a trampy ho to Whitney’s angel?

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    This is the only good news coming from her death!! He is going to try to bleed her dry. He is disgusting even thou I do like his old music.

  • gayana

    this is disgusting, no one in the world is closer to you at this age than mommy and daddy. especially at the time when mom has passed away father MUST be with his daughter.

    what kind if bad influence do they think he’s gona be?? this is ridiculous….

    • ChristineLA

      In fairness, it has long been rumored and believed that Cissy Houston did the bulk of the raising of Bobbi Christina, what with Whitney rehabbing/using and Bobby being in the clink, frequently.

    • ChristineLA

      Grrr, Bobbi Kristina, I hate misspelling names!