Miley Cyrus Tweets Pic Of Her New Haircut


Last week we got to see Rihanna’s new look (which many readers didn’t like) and today we get to see another celeb tweet a pic of their new hairstyle… Miley Cyrus tweeted yesterday, “Got ANOTHER hair cut! You likey?!” Check out the pic below…

In January she chopped 5 inches off her long hair and tweeted about it. Then today we got to see it go a bit shorter still. She tweeted, “All y’all are saying its soooo short! Only cut about an inch & a half off tonight! In total about 5 inches!!! I love it! So liberating.”

Miley did have VERY long hair which became a bit of a signature look. The new, short and straight blonde bob reminds me of a previous Jennifer Aniston look, don’t you think? I think the fresh cut really suits Miley as it frames her face and compliments her eyes. It also makes her look a bit more polished and older. Is that the look that she should be going for?

It must be a nice change for Miley to have a new look because it is almost like turning over a new leaf… do you like Miley with shorter hair or should she grow it back?

Check out the pic of her before and after. The first one was taken on the 11th of Janaury at the People’s Choice Awards. The ‘after’ was taken today…


  • Will

    I think it looks great! I like girls with short hair and guys with long hair. lol

  • Andi

    I am loving this new hair actually, I think she looks great. After the recent fad of girls shaving half of their heads I was kind of worried to see a half-bald Miley, haha

  • Lisaasil

    Bitch stole my look! I cut about a foot off my hair and got this cut 4 weeks ago.


    It makes her look less skanky, so congrats!

  • nicole

    i like it. it really suits her. hopefully she keeps it for awhile.

  • Z

    Is it just me or does it kind of look like the haircut Billy Ray Cyrus had on the Hannah Montana show? ;) Either way, it’s a cute haircut on her.

  • Susan

    I LOVE it! So cute.

  • megsterg

    Very cute. My first thought was Jennifer Aniston too. But that’s good.

  • cmc

    She looks so cute! I like it. But I’m confused- I thought she pretty openly wore extensions? I seem to remember her being photographed with short hair one day, long the next, and then back to short. I don’t think she *actually* cut 5 inches off…more like, she stopped wearing extensions and then actually got a cute haircut with her real hair.

    Potato, potahto. She still looks cute.

  • AmandaMarie

    She’s my girl crush…. She’s hott.