Ryan Phillippe To Star In New CBS Cop Series


We haven’t heard much from Ryan Phillippe recently but now we have news that he will be the lead in a new TV series. He isn’t really known as a TV actor, despite signing onto the final season of Damages. This will be his first pilot and he has been cast as the lead in the upcoming CBS cop drama. The show hasn’t been named as yet but centers around a cop, Clark, who is played by Ryan, and follows his rise through the ranks from officer to detective and then police commissioner. What do you think of Ryan Phillippe in the role of a cop? Hmm….

The new show comes to us from Nick Wootton and Greg Berlanti, who is busy producing a few new shows this season including Guilty and Arrow, the superhero drama meant to replace Smallville on the CW. They’re everywhere at the moment and their new cop project was initially called “Golden Boy” but I’ve read that this name has now been changed and they don’t have a new one. This new show doesn’t seem that original or different to other TV shows in its genre. It actually reminds me a bit of the now-canceled Against The Wall, about a female cop who pushes into the internal affairs department as a detective. Hmm….

In the pilot, Ryan will be joined by Kevin Alejandro and Chi McBride. You would know Kevin as Jesus Velasquez in the series True Blood. The other star, Chi, is a bit of a veteran of this kind of show, having starred in Boston Public, Pushing Daisies, and recently in Human Target.

Ryan is a sought-after actor (he was awesome in Crash and Breach) and he will no doubt add star power to this pilot, but I can’t help wondering if this was the reason for the casting. I’m not sure if Ryan lends himself to believably play a police commissioner. Still, I do love a new series to look out for so I will be giving this one a chance. What do you think of this casting and series concept?

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  • Kristín

    well i´ll watch if Ryan is in this show, he can handcuff me anyday…

  • PixiesBassline

    Oh, wow. Yet another cop show… Just what I’ve been waiting for all these years. lol

  • Ted

    Is Hollywood only capable of writing cop and reality shows?

  • Nathan

    I’ll watch it just because he’s in it.

  • SittingPat

    Cop shows are hot because people like watching them. Some of the best shows on TV have involved this genre. Ryan played a soldier more than once and did a great job, so I expect him to play the cop just as well.

  • alexa

    I watch Ryan in anything.

    • SittingPat

      Well, that too.

  • daym76

    Why have a show of just Ryan at different places…mostly shirtless, saying “Hi, I’m Ryan Phillippe”.