Christian Siriano Shows His Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection At NY Fashion Week


Fashion designer and Project Runway alum Christian Siriano showed his Autumn/Winter 2012 clothing collection at New York Fashion Week on Saturday and, as usual, managed to thrill the fashionistas in attendance with his stunningly beautiful designs. You may recall that we learned last weekend that my friend Hustle Roses’s music was incorporated into Christian’s runway show … much to my extreme pleasure. Click below to see some of Siriano’s beautiful new offerings and read some deets about his fabulous fashion show this weekend.

It makes absolutely no sense to me that the notion of Christian Siriano having something to prove prevails. Especially since your boy is a MONSTER at construction and turning out the most serious dresses. According to Eric Wilson at the Times, this fall 2012 collection was inspired by bats, more specifically a horror movie from the ’30s entitled The Vampire Bat. And though the fluttery cape details on some of his shorter dresses faintly evoke the flying, bloodsucking mammals–and the cuts are very late-30s–the color palette and the gravitas of the longer dresses reminds me more of a corseted Winona Ryder circa Dracula wherein she played Mina and looked devastating doing it. I really wish I had an animated GIF of each because honestly they all moved differently. The one on the left slithered like mercury and the one of the right swung in the most hypnotizing undulations.

Now, I’d like to now turn your attention to two styling details that I loved. If you’re wearing an all-black outfit that errs on the side of mourning museum docent (however elegant as THAT is), seriously consider going balls-to-the-wall Game of Thrones and throw on the biggest, baddest pelt you can find. House Stark of Winterfell, eat your heart out. Or is heart-eating more Daenerys Targaryen’s bag? Anyway, it’ll look boss as evidenced by homegirl to the left. On the right is a classic, positively Ringwald-ish take on the leather moto jacket over a flouncy, full-length, tulle, illusion prom dress.

I mean … is it any surprise that Christian has managed to come up with another collection of stunning and very fashion-forward designs? The man is beyond talented and he knows how to put on a show … right down to the brilliant use of music:

This is obviously the perfect segue into the music provided by the ever-charming DJ Brad Walsh who elected to remix the most vivacious jam by Hustle Roses, a.k.a. Olivia Stone, formerly a part of the Oohlas, called “Alive.” Stone, who describes the sound of Hustle Roses as “loud, fun, bouncy and optimistic” seems to be one of those ladies whose music puts everyone in a good mood. Walsh, in this interview with Styleist describes the song thus: “I’m really into this brand new summery, moody, danceable track by Hustle Roses called ‘Alive,’ it’s got a great beat and it’s impossible to hear without moving your body.” While it would seem a mismatch with the slightly gothy runway offerings, I have to say the tone struck was rather masterful. It was already getting dark out and the song which opened and closed the show made you immediately long for summer rooftop dance parties. “I’m in the business of being aliiiiiiiive.” Listen to the song and tell me you’re not thinking of teeny cotton dresses, sandals and red plastic SOLO cups filled with magic.

Click HERE to hear the soundtrack to Christian Siriano’s fashion show by Brad Walsh featuring Hustle Roses.

I may not know fashion but I know beauty and I know talent. And I deffo know that Christian has the talent to fill the fashion world with beautiful clothes.


  • nicole

    i wasnt too sure of Christian at first..but the more i see his work the more i love it. i love the first two dresses. the red one is fabolous

  • Amy

    He does the perfect combination of high fashion and ready-to-wear! Just amazing!

  • Rus