‘The Hunger Games’ Releases Animated Promo Ads Featuring Cinna, Seneca Crane & Caesar Flickerman


Last week we got to check out a few amazing photos from the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games in the new book The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion but today I’ve got something even cooler to share. A set of posters in the guise of ad campaign photos have been released that feature fictional characters Cinna, Seneca Crane and Caesar Flickerman promoting the sale of gold eyeliner, electric shavers and toothpaste (respectively). What is REALLY COOL about these posters is that they are animated. Click below to check ‘em out … in full motion.

Cinna for Liquid Skyliner eyeliner:

Seneca Crane for Cutting Edge beard and mustache trimmer:

Caesar Flickerman for Smile Away toothpaste:

I am a big fan of animated motion posters so I really love these animated ads. It’s unknown if the products advertised in these motion posters will be actual products made for sale, like the Capitol Colors line of cosmetics, or if they are fictional products that will be featured in the film. My guess is that the beard trimmer and the tooth paste will NOT be products released for sale but the Liquid Skyliner may be an actual product released for sale as part of the Capitol Colors cosmetics line. Real or not, these animated ad posters are really fun. I love the Cinna one the best but the Seneca Crane poster is clever, too. What do y’all think of these posters? They’re fun, aren’t they?

OH and by the way … have you entered the Pink is the new Blog contest for a chance to win a pair of tickets to attend the Hollywood premiere of The Hunger Games next month?


  • Katie

    Absolutely any new anything on the Hunger Games is awesome, lol! I can’t wait.

  • LOVE these. seriously they are on a roll with the creative marketing on this movie & I adore it.

  • apriljan


  • Rachael

    So glad to see Wes Bentley in movies again. Cool posters too. :)

  • Claire

    I personally find this really strange and cheesy. It’s just…too much. I wish they weren’t marketing the films so heavily with nonsense, it worries me.

    • @Claire — What are you worried about? They are marketing the world of ‘The Hunger Games’ as if they really existed. Have you read the books? This barbaric contest is treated as the most popular form of entertainment. I think the way they are marketing the film is pretty genius.