Michael Lohan Applies For A Job At Burger King


When last we saw Michael Lohan here on the blog, he was hospitalized in Florida due to heart and liver problems. You may recall that his hospitalization came about a month after he was arrested for the second time for violating the restraining order placed on him by his ex-girlfriend Kate Major. I am happy to report that Lohan’s medical problems seem to be over and he is looking to turn his life around. Apparently, Lohan is looking for a new job these days … he is hoping to get a job at Burger King.

Michael Lohan is finally gearing up to ask the burning question that may or may not have been on his mind for years — “Would you like fries with that?” Sources tell TMZ, Michael filed an application with a local Burger King in Palm Beach, Florida yesterday after he was released from a residential treatment facility — which he was sentenced to as part of a plea deal in his domestic violence case involving ex-GF Kate Major. According to sources, Lohan was moved to a 3-bedroom halfway house after his rehab release — and the counselors at the treatment center recommended he get a real job to pass the time … until his final release on March 16th. We’re told the job’s primary purpose isn’t to make money — though $7.75 an hour ain’t bad — it’s to help residents like Michael slowly assimilate back into normal society.

Okay, let’s be honest here … it is very easy to make fun of the man for applying for a job at Burger King … but I’m not really interested in doing that. There are a lot of hard-working people who work in the fast food industry and I have no desire to besmirch their good name. As much as it PAINS me to compliment Michael Lohan, I have to say that I am impressed that he seems to be doing everything he can to get his life back in order. My concern is that Lohan may think working at Burger King is an easy job when, in fact, I suspect it’s not as easy as he might think. Maybe the man needs a good dose of good old fashioned hard work to get his shizz straight. I’m hopeful that this fast food job will be good for him but, in all honesty, his track record doesn’t really lead me to believe that he is serious about this new endeavor. I guess we shall see.


  • Shavonne

    Honestly, I hope he doesn’t get the job. There are too many people struggling to get by who need a place like BK to make money bc they don’t have skills or school for a higher paying job. Michael Lohan should take up knitting if he’s bored and leave the job for someone who really needs it.

  • Katie

    I think he probably is just doing this to get attention. Just like everything that this family does.

  • BellaGrace

    OK first of all have to start off by saying I’m not a Michael Lohan fan…let’s face it, he’s douchey.
    But, having had family members go thru the rehab/sober living etc proces, what they make you do when you’re in sober living environment to get you ready to go back to your “real life” is to get a job, any kind of job – retail, fast food etc. to get you back in the habit of having a routine and stability and a schedule back in your life. It’s not forever, it’s just for a short amount of time. I’d bet $ that’s what this is all about. So hey – good on him for maybe taking the steps to do it right this time.

  • rOXy

    My hat is always off to people who work in the fast food industry. It’s not an easy job, it can be demeaning, but if they are gainfully employed and not accepting handouts from the government, then they are gold in my eyes. Nothing wrong with honest work for honest pay – that is probably a new concept to MiLo, but I hope it sticks.