Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Shaves Her Head


Last week Pink writer Melissa blogged about Willow Smith’s bold, bald statement made by her decsion to shave her head and today we learn that another celebrity kid has also decided to shave her head. Lourdes Maria, Madonna’s eldest daughter, was spotted with a half-shaved head on her way to school yesterday in NYC. It’s unclear if Lola’s decision to shave her head was inspired by Willow’s baldness but it looks to me like a new hair trend is starting to emerge. Click below to check out Lola’s new hair-do.

Leave it to Madonna‘s daughter to try a cool new look! Lourdes Leon stepped out on her way to school in New York Thursday, sporting a funky new half-shaved do. The stylish 15-year-old — who’s had long dark hair forever — had her hair up in a bun, bringing extra attention to the edgy style.

Altho Lola’s head shave isn’t as severe as Willow’s, it’s deffo a bold look. It’s not very common for girls to want to shave their heads but I have to say, I’m a fan of any young person’s desire to make an expression in this way. While it’s true that some kids do stuff like this merely for attention or rebellion, I think it’s safe to say that Lourdes is well aware of the fact that she doesn’t need to do anything drastic just to get attention. Lola’s look reminds me of the shaved head look that electronic artist Skrillex has been rockin’ for a while now. What do y’all think of Lola’s new look? Are you a fan? Do you think we are about to see a whole new trend in head shaving emerge in young Hollywood?

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  • Kayla

    This is not copying willow smith. This is a huge trend in Canada right now refered to as ‘skrillex hair’.

    • @Kayla — Interesting, I just added a Skrillex link in the post and then I read this comment. I guess it really is an actual trend now.

  • Will

    I don’t understand why this is considered a trend now. Many people already tried that hair-style years ago. Nothing’s really “new”.
    Melanie B from the Spice Girls came to my mind.

  • Sarah

    Girls have been rocking the partially shaved head “hair trend” in Victoria BC Canada for the past couple years now.

  • Krissy

    Don’t forget Anja from Project Runway! One of my friends was inspired by Anja’s hair and did this months ago. It looked cute, and was really easy for her to grow out when she changed her mind.

  • kingmob

    Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow rocked this…many, many moons ago.
    This isn’t new at all. Gals and Guys rocked it in the 80s, children. Just now it is acceptable and trendy…back then it was edgy and we liked it that way!

    • @kingmob — No one is saying this look is new or original. Yes, everything has been done before.

    • kingmob

      true dat…just find it annoying that nowadays it’s trendy…back then it could get you “bullied” because you were taking a chance shaving your head…stating your individuality. everything is this massive acceptable trend nowadays. oh well. c’est la vie.
      think it looks rockin on her regardless.
      thousand pardons trent

  • Revan Vampir

    Is it supposed to be that way or is it crooked? I used to do that many many moons ago – dont know what the heck I was thinking then.

    • Krissy

      I noticed the line wasn’t that straight. Kind of wonder if she did it herself! I think it looks better when the line is straight.

  • Jstar

    When I was in high school, many moons ago, I shaved the bottom half of the back of my head…what was I thinking????

  • nicole

    Ugh i hate that hair cut. I dont find it cute on any girl.

  • jr

    she is a real fashionista….great personal style.

  • jo

    I spent my teenage years with my hair like this due to multiple surgeries and I went to great lengths to cover it up! It is NOT cool! Why you’d choose to hack away at your hair like this on purpose is beyond me!

  • Meghan

    That is going to be a pain in the ass to grow out!!!

  • Ben

    Madonna is known for being quite a strict mother. She has said in several interviews that her children will have to wait until 18 to make drastic changes to their appearance including hair. I think somebody’s credit cards will be taken away at least temporarily. LOL

  • Super girl

    She may suffer from trich. I do and I have places where it looks like I shaved my head.

  • Sergeja

    Oh, this is an old hairstyle, I had a similar thing in 2002 – inspired by Kelly Osbourne of all people LOL :)))

  • crystalblueskies

    what an ugly trend. young people would soon regret doing this. i have a thin hair (genetics here)and i would do everything to have a thicker, fuller hair. and they have thicker hair and they shave it off for an ugly trend. wtf??

  • Bounds

    Ugh. 1992 calling. Like all fugly hairstyles that you can hide with overlapping hair does not edge make. Guys look like Ned’s Atomic Dustbin style Douche Bags…girls look worse. I want Candy died a long time ago. No need to bring it back. Bow Wow Wow not.

  • megsterg

    I want to know how it looks when it’s down. Seems like it’d look weird.

    • megsterg

      Oh. Just saw the linked picture. Yup, it looks weird. A part that sideways would be soo annoying to deal with all day.

  • Rru

    Its a big trend in NZ and Australia right now. So many pple are sporting this ‘do in Melbourne!

  • Annie

    Ellie Goulding has had this for quite a while too. I think it looks pretty sweet!

  • SusannahS

    Sweet baby cheeses, Billy Ray Cyrus called. He wants his mullet back.
    We’ve all had unfortunate hair don’ts in our pasts. This is yet another rite of passage.

  • Jatrod Storm

    Great. Like mother like daughter. Remember to flip off everyone, call everyone a muther fkr and act like life is all about rutting. You go girl.

  • I can’t say I like this look, and I can’t say that I’m surprised that Madonna’s daughter is sporting it. What I CAN say is that kids will be kids!

  • Melissa

    I remember girls shaving the underside of their hair when I was in HS in NC in 1992. They would wear the remaing hair in ponytails to show off the shaved part.