Watch: Kanye West And Jay-Z Release Music Video For ‘N***** In Paris’


We have heard a lot about Jay-Z this week because he had his special 2 night performance at Carnegie Hall in NYC and we got to see for the first time pics of his wife, Beyonce, since she gave birth to baby Blue Ivy 7 weeks ago. There was also news this week from Kanye he is returning to Paris Fashion Week despite criticism from the couture world last year. Now today the two hip-hop artists have made news together as they released a video for their track, ‘N***** In Paris’ from their Watch The Throne tour. Watch the video..

It is not a new song, they played it hundreds of times while on their Watch The Throne tour, they just didn’t have any visuals yet to go with it. Kanye directed the video of the two of them, which incorporates actual footage from their L.A. performance. The video is full of special effects and strobe lighting and definitely privileges the live concert feel. The video does contain strong and possibly offensive language and it will not be everyone’s cup of tea. The title itself is enough to raise controversy. Having said that, in my opinion it is just nice to see Kanye and Jay-Z in their natural habitat, performing on stage in front of an audience with an electric energy. The visuals aren’t that unexpected but there is a surprise cameo…. check out who pops his head in the frame…


  • Bea

    Ain’t nothing wrong with displaying the name of the song. It’s not like you’re saying it.

  • Randal

    Not to be all holier than thou, but as a 33 year old black male, that has NEVER uttered the “n” word, I hate they felt the need to use it in a song title. The “n” word is pretty much the reason I gave up on rap almost 12 years ago. Saying it is not an empowerment thing. It’s idiotic & so belittling. I wish Jay-Z would have also said he’s never using the “n” anymore. How can you truly be seen as genius when every 5th lyric is the “n” word. This makes it difficult for young black males like myself to be taken seriously, because everyone else just assumes we ALL use that word or live the life rap music portrays.

  • Asha

    That’s because we’ll fired a Don Amus for being White, but support garbage like BET, because it’s Black on Black buffoonery being marketed as “culture”.