Photos Of Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes In Thailand Hit The Internets


Yesterday we learned of a romantic rendezvous in Bangkok, Thailand between lovebirds Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. As we already know, Ryan is in Bangkok working on a film titled Only God Forgives and Eva flew halfway around the world just to spend time with him there. New photos have surfaced of both Ryan and Eva in Thailand … and as you can see below, the couple look like they’ve already made themselves quite at home.

I’ve yet to find a photo of the pair together but as you can see, they are both in Bangkok at the same time. It looks like Eva spent some time getting to know the city while Ryan was bizzy working on his film. I’m sure the couple managed to find some alonetime in between all the sightseeing and film making. As I said yesterday, it really seems to me that these two are seriously serious about one another. Without question, Eva Mendes is one lucky lady.


  • Mariah

    It’s not fair. Eva…bitch ;)

  • BCDanielle

    Wow. Ryan, just……

    • I agree with you…. Wooowwww…

  • beth

    love Eva, but lord she looks a hot mess in these photos. She better up her game if she wants to hold on to mr. gosling :)

  • hot couple

  • Kristín

    Ryan swooon!!! Eva blahhh i really don´t get these two together!

  • banana

    that floral pants thing that Eva is wearing.. my goodness.

  • Claire

    They still don’t work for me :( but I suppose if he’s happy…