Naomi Watts To Play Princess Diana In A New Film


We heard today from the BBC UK that the British-born but Aussie actress Naomi Watts has landed the role of portraying Diana Princess of Wales in a new film. The new movie is supposed to be about her relationship with the heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and given the status Diana held, and still holds, in people’s hearts throughout the world, this is likely to be a massive film and a very challenging role for Naomi. Read on for more details about this exciting new movie.

The movie is called Caught in Flight and is described as “a compelling portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales during the last two years of her life”. It will be directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel who directed the film, Downfall, which dramatised Hitler’s final days. He is therefore probably well prepared to direct a film about Diana, which will inevitably have a strong historical element.

The story is said to focus on the romantic affair that Diana had with Hasnat which began in 1995 and ended a few months before her death in August 1997. It is a pretty incredible role for Naomi to have landed and she clearly feels very privileged to have scored the part. She said, it is “such an honour to be able to play this iconic role…Princess Diana was loved across the world, and I look forward to rising to the challenge of playing her on screen.”

Oliver, the director, is also equally thrilled to have scored Naomi in the role. He said, she is “a truly exceptional actress who embodies the warmth, humanity and empathy of such a global icon”.

I am thrilled for Naomi to have scored this part. I expect it will be one of those life changing characters that defines her career moving forward. She is a very talented actress, wowing us in 21 Grams and then more recently opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in J Edgar. I have so much confidence in her doing this film extremely well, and I’m so excited to see it!

There is certainly a blonde and physicality resemblance between Naomi and Diana and I think she will nail the British accent having been both in the U.K and growing up in Australia. What do you think of this casting – it will obviously be challenging, but will Naomi perfect the role of such a cherished icon?

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  • Meghan

    I think she will be great in this role!

  • loriannakim

    I think she will be great in the role, but I can’t help but feel that it’s too soon to make a movie focused especially on Diana : (

    • Will

      I have to disagree. She passed away in 1997 (15 years from now). I personally don’t consider it too soon.

    • Claire

      Too soon? Do you know what year it is :S

  • Jacqui

    oh I like the casting!

  • JCZ

    Great actress, I really like her – but no for the movie. We don’t need one, nor do we want one. Let the Princess RIP.

  • Claire

    I adore Noami and if anyone can do Diana justice, it’s her.