Lindsay Lohan Makes An Unflattering Appearance On The amFAR Red Carpet


Earlier today we saw photos of Heidi Klum’s first red carpet appearance in NYC last night since news of her seperation from hubby Seal last month. Right now we return to the red carpet of the amfAR New York Gala To Kick Off Fall 2012 Fashion Week event at Cipriani Wall Street last night and check out unfortunate new photos of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay may be lookin’ pretty good in her recent magazine photospreads but her look last night was simply not her best.

Let me be clear, Lindsay doesn’t look terrible by any means … but she does look much older than she should at the tender age of 25. IMHO, too much spray tanner is her biggest problem but these bangs are not doing her any favors at all. Thankfully, she doesn’t look as wrecked as she did back in October when she flashed a mouth of very dirty teeth on the red carpet but, yeah, this isn’t a great look for her either. I think pretty much everyone is very aware of the difficult struggles that Lindsay has endured in her young life (granted, mostly as a result of her poor decision-making) and it looks like those struggles are really taking a toll on her. I want to root for the girl to turn her life around, and it appears she may be on that track right now … but I also want to root for a complete make-over.

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Nicola

    Um wrong, she looks absolutely TERRIBLE.

    • Sarah

      Word. I was JUST going to say that. hahaa OMG! She looks 50.

  • This is what she should look like at 45, NOT 25… oh my god, someone PLEASE hire her a stylist, one who will tell her platinum blonde washes her out big time.

  • Iheartaustin

    Omg she looks like HER MOTHER!!! God save this girl!! Her hair makes me wanna barf!!

    • jessicafm

      I thought the exact same thing! She looks JUST like her mom, and that is definitely NOT a compliment.

  • Chivonne

    She looks exactly like her mother!

  • Ama

    That’s just…sad. She looks to be in her 40s or 50s. It’s sad to see how much she has fallen and the toll her choices have taken on her body.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    She looks like Vicki Gunvalson from RH of Orange County.

  • Revan Vampir

    Wow – she looks awful. Such a shame – whoever gave her this um…makeover should be shot. What a hot mess.

  • Ashley

    She looks so bad, looks like homegirl wearing halloween wig from a costume set.

  • Lou

    OY to the VEY.

  • Candy

    Why is it only us commenters on the interwebs saying she needs to go back to red hair? Is no one in her life telling her how bad she looks as a blond?

    • KJ

      nailed it

  • Candy

    Why is it only us commenters on the interwebs saying she needs to go back to red hair? Is no one in her life telling her how bad she looks as a blond? Well, THIS blond, anyway.

  • nicole

    The outfit looks cute… but that hair makes her look just like her mother. Not good.

  • Mela

    I thought she wasn’t doing the Victoria Gotti role!?

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. HAHAHAHA. IM sorry but seriously. if you think you look good going out in publi like this, there is something really wrong with ur brain. i really think lindsay lohan is brain damaged from all these drugs.

  • Meghan

    Meth is bad kids!!!!!!!!!

  • Grant

    Her stylist should be fired… immediately.

    • ChristineLA

      What stylist would be able to turn this mess around? She’s a meth addict, there’s fundamentally something wrong with the blank canvas at this point!

  • John

    Lol she looks like a cracked out ho which is probably not far from the truth. Such a shame she doesn’t have a Jamie Spears in her life, cos she clearly can’t dig herself out of that hole

  • swile71

    YIKES! She looks WAY harsh. That white hair, UGH! Clinton & Stacy need to get a hold of her ASAP!!!

  • Dana

    I remember when there were a lot of talk that Lindsay would be the next Ann Margret…but Lindsay wanted to be the next Paris Hilton.LOL!! But she looks more like one of the Desperate Housewives with Pam Anderson Career Goals.

  • Dana

    Also are those Hilary Duff old Teeth.

    • @Dana — OMG, oh no you didn’t! LOL!

    • mc_swifty

      hahahahahaha. i think i love you.

  • Maggie

    She really needs to go back to red hair and lay off the spray… back to the Mean Girls look!

  • bitch go back to your original red hair !!!!!!

    • Rebecca

      Agreed – not everyone can pull off red hair, but she is a natural redhead and it would recall her youthful beauty! Rooting for her to get healthy (and ditch the roots).

  • MissAnne

    Is there something different about her nose??

    • Elliot

      and cheekbones?

  • Balito

    OMG… Dina Lohan all over again!!! Lord have mercy… :S

  • Sara

    HORRIBLE. the hair needs to go IMMEDIATELY.

  • c-word

    gah! she looks horrendous!!! i’m going to have nightmares now… thanks, trent :P

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    SHE LOOKS AWFUL!! If my friend pulled up to my house to pick me up looking like that I would like the damn door and yell GO AWAY!

    • ChristineLA

      Mr. Gyllenhaal, if Lindsay Lohan was your friend, I highly doubt we would be witnessing the current train wreck, because you would have sat her down and straightened her out ages ago.

    • Natalie


      Trent you need to hire Mr. Gyllenhaal as your next new writer, pronto!

    • emily

      I first, second, third and fourth that! Team Mr. G!!! That would be a brilliant move on Trent’s part … I used to tune in everyday religiously and click on every post (whether I cared about the topic or not) just b/c I love Trent’s opinions. I’m not enjoying Melissa’s posts (I don’t want to be a hater on Melissa personally, but her writing style is too glossy and riddled with grammatical mistakes.) If Mr. G. were a commenter, I’d be back to clicking on every topic religiously … that would be too glorious! Trent and Mr. G!!

  • PF

    Trent, I think you are being super nice.

    I almost didn’t recognize her. I cannot help but think what a waste of beauty, what a waste of talent, what a waste of health.

    She could be in such a different place right now. It is just sad

  • PixiesBassline

    I was recently considering getting some bangs… But now I’m scared that I’d look like this.

  • Teri

    When I first saw this pic I thought it was Donatella Versace….yikes!! Girl needs to lay off the meth…

    • apriljan

      @Teri.. OH EM GEE! I can see the resemblance!

  • Julie

    Isn’t she trying to get the victoria gotti role…this might be the influence for this look…overall= HORRIBLE! Get that hair darker, way darker…let go of the self tanner…sheesh…You’d think she’d know this will be published!!

  • Amarie

    She looks like her MOTHER!

  • brittany

    OMFG I thought it was one of those “what she’ll look like in 20 years” photos…Jesus she looks like hell!

  • sabrina

    why are her boobs so square?!

  • Kelly

    Looks double her age at least

  • Jeannie

    Her face looks weird. It doesnt even look like her at all.

  • Elliot

    Are you sure that it’s her?

  • Ben

    Hot mess alert!!! Her mother is BEYOND denial and is always making up excuses for her. Lindsay career could be in a better place but she has ruined every chance she gets. I mean look at Rachel McAdam and Amanda Seyfried. They are serious actresses and to think they were at Mean Girls as co-stars.

  • PruInTO

    Can’t believe how old she looks, what a waste of youth. Too bad her support system is her mother and father.

  • Kris10

    Ugh! I wish you would give her the Spencer/Heidi treatment.

  • Nathan

    Her biggest problem here is not her spray tanner, it’s her hair. It looks like hell.

  • billybumbler

    Is her upper lip in Witness Protection?

  • nina

    she look like younger version of donatella versace

    • Lita

      Exactly !!!

  • rYan

    Since when did all the commenters from Perez come over to Pink?

  • Lulu

    Wow… her face looks so OLD… :(

  • Jatrod Storm

    Face it, the little girl is confused, and not surprising by the intelligence of her momma, who once stated that a judge who recused himself, was like being fired. Recused is not like being fired and that is the limit of her momma’s intelligence. Alleged or intimating lies is the norm. Look at the daughter, she flips off the court and they bend over an take the big one every time. Nice to have money in Hollywood, because all the other kids across the country, they have court dates, probation and records that won’t go away, due to ridiculous laws made by the parents who were drug uses, and life fkr-upers. Lindsay should sell herself for dating and she’d make a great date for anyone who wants to get noticed. She has little value left anywhere else. Hey, Lind’s let’s see you flip us off! Same intelligence as mommy, eh?

  • Monica

    Poor Lindsay looks horrible :( She looks like a woman in her 40s in this photo. She used to be one of the prettiest women in Hollywood. I pray she gets her stuff together. Sadly I see her being the next to go if she can’t get her act straight.

  • jm

    Looks like she is desperately hoping they rethink casting for Linda Lovelace, so she’s on permanent auditions for the role. What a shame. Poor girl didn’t stand a chance being raised by a “bff wannabe” mother that is trying so hard to live vicariously through her (or BE her) and a dad that pimps her out to any rag tag that will pay him $25 for a juicy tibit. Hope this pitiful girl can find some positive influences to surround and guide her to a healthier life. Otherwise, I’m positive she’ll end up as another hollywood tragedyl