Missy Elliot Is Planning To Release A New Album In June


Woot!! Amazing news to share, music fans! The one and only Missy Misdemeanor Elliot is FINALLY ready to release a new album! MTV sat down with Timbaland for a new interview and the producer and long-time Missy collaborator revealed that both he and Missy will be releasing albums this June. Altho Tim didn’t reveal too much info about the release, I do take him at his word. Click below to read what Timbaland has to say about the forthcoming Missy Elliot album.

“Me and Missy are both coming with our albums at the same time, and it will be in June,” Timbo told MTV News in his Miami home February 3. It’s been three years since Timbaland released Shock Value II and seven years since Missy dropped The Cookbook. If all goes according to plan, fans won’t have to wait much longer. “Right now, we’re preparing to get both our videos, our first singles, shot kinda at the same time,” Tim said. “We want to do it as a movement and spontaneously.” Last June, Missy revealed to People magazine she had been diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease. Initially, it was speculated that Missy’s health was the cause of the huge gap in her discography, though Elliott later issued a statement dismissing that notion … It all seems like an exciting build to a triumphant return for both artists. “I just don’t want to move too ahead of her and she don’t want to move too ahead of me,” Timbaland said. “So we’re both doing it at the same time.”

Altho it’s been 7 LONG years since Missy released her last album, it turns out that she has been working behind the scenes on other music project for other artists:

The “Get Ur Freak On” rapper has been putting in plenty of work behind the scenes as a songwriter and producer for Keyshia Cole, Monica and Jazmine Sullivan. She even hooked up with Timbo on Demi Lovato’s “All Night Long” from the pop singer’s 2011 Unbroken album. Missy is also a guest vocalist on J. Cole’s next single, “Nobody’s Perfect,” and is expected to appear in the song’s upcoming video.

It sounds like Missy has been working her way up to the release of this new album. As much as I have grown to dislike Timbaland as a solo artist, I honestly think his best work was back when he was collaborating with Missy Elliot. They make an amazing team and I am really looking forward to hearing what they have in store for us. I know there are a lot of Missy fans out there so … GET EXCITED! New Missy music is on the way!


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    YES! I love her music! And she looks so good now that she’s living a healthier lifestyle!

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    About time! I’ve missed her!

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    this is fantastic!! i cant wiat!

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    I’m actually excited about this. I’m sure her new album will be great, innovative and unique…

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    SO EXCITED!! New Timbaland & Missy Elliott = BADASS SUMMER!! :D