Lindsay Lohan Is Featured In The New Issue Of ‘Love’ Magazine


When last we saw Lindsay Lohan in a magazine, she was lookin’ lovely and fresh in recycled photos published in Australian Maxim magazine. But, lest you think that the celebrity spokesmodel for Philipp Plein, FCUK fragrances and JAG Jeans can’t get into a magazine with NEW photos, I’m here to tell you that she can. L. Lo is featured in the new issue of Love magazine and altho the photos don’t offer anything new (at all), they are from a new photoshoot that she did with photographer friend Terry Richardson. Click below to check out her Love spread.

It’s not a good habit to have, but anything Lindsay Lohan can do to look like her idol, she’ll do. The troubled actress can be seen clutching cigarettes in yet another Marilyn Monroe-inspired photoshoot. The 25-year-old looks smoking as she poses seductively on a bed for Love magazine. She lays back on the white sheets, arms above her head with a smoke between her neatly manicured fingers. An ashtray can be seen next to her and her bare arms show off her array of tattoos. In keeping with the ’50s pin-up theme, Lindsay sports bright red lipstick, fake eyelashes and bright blonde hair … In another photo, Lindsay has a cigarette perched between her lips as she stares down the lens of the camera.

Sigh. The same old thing … again and again and again. I mean, really, how many times have we seen these exact same poses in almost the exact same settings? As overdone and, honestly, boring as these photos are … it is worth reiterating the fact that Lindsay has managed to stay out of trouble in the past weeks and months. Have you noticed that we don’t hear about her in the daily gossip as much anymore? We aren’t talking about her because she has managed to stay out of trouble and, hence, out of the headlines. If she can make a living posing the same way in photoshoot after photoshoot after photoshoot then I say, good for her! At least she’s working … and have I mentioned that she’s been staying out of trouble? I’d say that’s good news all around.

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  • kate

    the shoot is not monroe inspired. don’t know why blogs keep stating that because the shoot has nothing to do with marilyn. it’s more 40’s, 50’s inspired if anything. having blonde hair, red lips and a cig doesn’t mean you’re copying marilyn.

    • JCZ

      Whilst I agree in general, we are talking about Lindsay who insists to be like her, as if she needs to prove to us she is some incarnation of her. So in other words, a try-hard Monroe impersonator. If she isn’t doing that, she is attempting to relive the Classic Hollywood days and trying to appear all glamorous, when we’ve seen too much of L-Lo for that happen.

  • ganesh

    whatever…she looks gorgeous.

  • nicole

    i actually dont hate these…she looks a lot healthier.
    the only thing im sick of is Terry. hes not a good photographer. all his pictures are the same, and they always look cheap.

    • DeAunn

      Yeah, what’s with the washed-out look in these pictures? Too much white background and the lighting is too bright. She’s so pale, that look does her no favors.

  • c-word

    *yawn* same ‘ol, same ‘ol photos. granted, i still think she’s stunning (and looks a lot healthier), these are still all the same photos. and i’m really tired of the cig in every damn photo. @ nicole – i completely agree with you regarding terry’s work… plus, i hear he’s a total perv.

  • Amarie

    She looks good. And by good I mean healthy lol. The shots are kinda *yawn*. I wish she’d go brunette again tho. The blonde is so so harsh on her. It seems as tho the washed out look IS what she’s going for but I really don’t like it.

  • all i see are fillers. her face is odd looking now. she was so much better before. she’s messed up

  • Jessicagiovanna

    At least she doesn’t have her disgusting hands in her mouth like most of her’ sexy’ pics.. Do not want

  • Louigi


  • Diego

    I bet she wishes she looked like that in real, too.