Kanye West Returning To Paris Fashion Week Despite Criticism


Despite a poor reception to his first womens wear Spring 2012 collection back in October last year, where the critics pulled it apart, Kanye West will be returning to Paris Fashion Week next month on March 6th. Read on for more of the details about this rapper turned fashionista.

The reports are saying that the line will be called, simply, “Kanye West” and that he has been living in London to work on the collection and get help from some pretty big names in fashion.

After his debut, critics described it as:

“Kanye West’s fashion debut was like being subjected to an hour long MRI scan—but not as much fun. Those blanked-out books turned out to be a depressingly apt metaphor for this entire stupendously vacuous enterprise. Even those actresses turned designers, Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen sisters struggled to look engaged”.

Clearly, Kanye is passionate about making this work because he is not giving up, even after the fashion world pulled him apart. We have to give him props for being persistent and not giving up in the face of adversity. It is going to be interesting to see what happens this time… I wonder if he has changed his style and learned from his mistakes last year. I thought the same last year though – is this rapper selling out to the mainstream and just marketing his brand to be bigger and better, or is it possible for a rapper to turn into a genuine fashionista and still retain his credibility as a hip-hop artist?

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