Avril Lavigne Launches A Rock N’ Roll Accessories Range


Avril Lavigne is expanding her fashion brand and launching a new range of accessories for her Abbey Dawn spring collection next month. It includes shoes and handbags with an overall rock ‘n’ roll look. So think spikes, skulls and lots of black. Read on to find out how you can buy your Avril rocker shoes and what they’re all about…

Avril’s brand has been slowly expanding and it seems she is gearing up to get even bigger. She has teamed up with justfab.com – an exclusive, subscription based website to distribute the new line. There will be twelve shoe styles and five handbags with Avril describing them as “bold pieces. They make a statement. They are a lot of fun.”

President of JustFab.com Kimora Lee Simmons told WWD “Avril, I feel, is such a punk rock sweetheart. She really has a distinct look, feel, flair and style, and certain elements of that, speaking from a design standpoint, will cross over and resonate with our members.”

I was not a fan of ‘Skater boi’, but Avril has definitely matured since her younger days. She is definitely one of the hard workers of the industry, releasing albums, touring, even getting into film (Fast Food Nation and Over the Hedge, both of which opened at Cannes). And now, she is building her fashion empire in a big way and I have no doubt she is going to be successful because her style will appeal to a big group. Even though I initially thought it wasn’t going to be my thing, now that I think about it, I might like to check out some of her black leather handbags! It will be interesting to see what price bracket she targets because that will say a lot about what market she is appealing to… I hope that it isn’t too expensive so younger girls can get into it.

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