Zooey Deschanel To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ This Week


Twitter revealed today that Saturday Night Live will have a new guest host coming up on the show…new girl, Zooey Deschanel! “Really excited to have @zooeydeschanel hosting this week!” and Zooey re-tweeted “No one is more excited than I am!” We don’t know many of the details yet but this is super exciting for us…

We heard a couple of weeks ago about the string of celebrity hosts that are expected to grace the stage of Saturday Night Live. One of the more left of center choices for some was Justin Bieber. I’m pretty excited though about the prospect of Zooey hosting… I think she is going to be great.

Zooey has had a tumultuous couple of months since splitting up with her husband but things to be getting back on track for this new girl who isn’t that new anymore… I think SNL will be just the thing she needs to get her happy face on again (if it isn’t already) and I also think it will make for a good show. What do you think, are you excited about Zooey hosting SNL?

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  • Casey

    Yay! I love Zooey! I bet she’ll be great! Super excited to see this good news. I’m sure she’ll be singing at some point during the show. Kristen Wig does a lot of characters that are super quirky that remind me of Zooey. I bet they might be paired up a lot.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    SHE IS GORGEOUS. I love her too. I used to always confuse her with Katy Perry. LOL.