Ryan Murphy Confirms Jessica Lange Will Return For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 2


American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy confirmed last night on the late night TV talk show Watch What Happens Live that the absolutely AMAZING Jessica Lange will return for the second season of American Horror Story. As you may recall, it was previously reported that an entirely new cast of actors will appear in AHS season 2 in an entirely new setting with only a select few actors from season 1 returning as well. The overwhelming majority of people were hoping that Lange would be one of the returning actors … and now we have confirmation. Click below to read more deets and watch video of Ryan Murphy confirming Jessica’s American Horror Story return.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Murphy stopped by the Bravo clubhouse Monday night and played Plead the Fifth on “Watch What Happens Live” (Weeknights, 11 p.m. EST on Bravo). Host Andy Cohen couldn’t resist asking Gellar about her allegedly ongoing feud with her former “All My Children” co-star Susan Lucci. When asked to characterize their on-set relationship, Gellar laughed and said, “Probably not the most ideal but, you know … better than the ‘Housewives’ reunion!” Hoping for some juicy “Glee” scoop, Cohen dipped his toe in some other troubled waters and asked Murphy about the future of Rachel, Finn, Quinn and Puck … Perhaps unsurprisingly, Murphy opted not to to revisit the topic in public: “I will plead the fifth on that.” Murphy did, however, dish on his other show, “American Horror Story.” The Season 2 casting shake-up means a houseful of new faces and characters, but will Jessica Lange — who recently won a SAG Award for her role in the series — be back for more? Lange told E! Online that she’s “thinking about it,” so what did Murphy say? Will Lange be back in Season 2? “Yes.”

I have to say … this is great news. It’s no secret that I was HORRIBLY let down by the crappy season 1 finale of American Horror Story … so much so that I STILL don’t know that I care enough to watch season 2. This news that Jessica Lange will return is the only glimmer of hope that the second season might be worth watching. Altho AHS really sucked in the end, the show was so damn good for most of the season … primarily due to Jessica’s stellar performance. Now that we know that she will be back for AHS season 2, I’m willing to give the show a second look … maybe. I’m still not totally convinced … but if I do end up watching, it’ll be to watch Jessica Lange in action again. What do y’all think, AHS fans? Are you happy with this news?

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  • nicole

    im happy that she’ll be back…but i dont know how that will work i mean a whole new house with a whole new cast..how exactly will she fit in?

  • Not me. I won’t be watching again despite how her performance gave me chills everytime she was on-screen. I just can’t watch it anymore because it is just far too depressing with every character in so much anguish… plus the ending of season one absolutely sucked so I just simply don’t care about the show anymore.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was so happy when he said that last night!! How good did SMG look?? Damn, she looked stunning!!! I love WWHL and I wanna sleep with Andy:)

  • Amarie

    I can’t WAIT for my fave show to come back on! So excited Jessica will be back. I’m hoping Evan Peters will come back too ;) I love the idea of a whole new story, but I will miss the old cast. Can’t waaait!

  • bayouboy

    I’m so excited! And Trent, I agree with 99% of what you say, but I just CANNOT UNDERSTAND how you couldn’t love that last episode. It was THOROUGHLY PERFECT to my mind, the perfect cherry atop the almost perfect cake that was American Horror Story.

  • PixiesBassline

    Awesome! I LOVE her!!! Can’t wait for the new season! Why do they torture us with such long waits? :(

  • Balito

    The best show last year hands down…. but the finale… it was HORRIBLE literally!!! i cant get over it yet…. Jessica Lange was simply amazing!!! Im doubting to watch the second season as well… :/