‘Rocky’ Of Ages


Last night was a very quite night for me. I pretty much spent most of my time reading and watching TV. I wasn’t planning on settling in for a movie last night but I came upon a showing of Rocky II on cable and was immediately sucked in. I haven’t seen any of the Rocky movies in many years … and as for Rocky II itself, well, I’m quite certain I haven’t watched the movie in full for well over 25 years. Thankfully, I caught the film right as it started and, well, it was a Rocky night for me ;)

I have to say, I kinda love the usual Rocky movie formula … the first 60% of the film features Rocky refusing to fight. The next 30% of the film features Rocky deciding to fight and then training to fight. The next 8% of the film features Rocky getting beaten to a pulp by whoever he is fighting. And the final 2% of the film features Rocky coming back to win in the end. We can’t help but root for Rocky because he is always the underdog. It’s a brilliant formula. To be honest, I think Rocky IV is my fave Rocky film … if you add the USA vs. Soviet Union mid-80s tension to the Rocky formula, you’ve got GOLD. If you are in the mood for a feel good, all-American movie and you can handle watching men beat each other silly, then I wholeheartedly recommend the first 4 Rocky films. I believe if you search your cable listings, you’ll find that Rocky III is on TV tonight and Rocky IV is on TV tomorrow.

Yo, Adrian!

No plans for tonight … I may watch Rocky III, I may not. I have a bit of stuff to take care of around the house and I’m still really into my Walt Disney book so … I’m thinkin’ it’s going to be a really quite night here at the ol’ homestead. Happy Tuesday!

  • Dude

    But Rocky loses in the the first Rocky movie ;)

    • @Dude — HMMM, this is true … I guess the Rocky Formula really only kicks in after the first film ;)

    • Nicola

      He may have technically lost the fight, but it was still a victory in that he “went the distance”.

  • Caitlin

    …Isn’t that only 90%, or am i adding wrong?

    • @Caitlin — Er, and 10% Rocky Theme song ;) ACTUALLY, you are right, I typed 20% when I meant to type 30% ;P

    • BellaGrace

      @Trent – Come to Philly and visit and you can make a “Rocky” pilgrimage, I’ll personally take you to the Rocky steps and the Italian Market etc :)

    • @BellaGrace — OMG, some day … I will! I’ve always wanted to visit Philly … I just may take you up on your kind offer ;)

  • BellaGrace

    That would be awesome!! It’s a really quick train ride down from NYC… come in the spring/summer/fall though! It really is a nice city regardless of how we get portrayed. :)

    • @BellaGrace — I’ve never heard a bad thing about Philly. I’ll get there someday ;)

    • BellaGrace

      LOL then you’re probably one of the only ones who never has, we’re always pegged as rude etc!! Are there some rude ones, helllll yes, but lots of us are nice too! Hopefully you get here someday soon! :)
      btw – Madonna’s first stop on her tour is right here in the City of Brotherly love…just throwin it out there! LOL

  • Logan

    Sorry… I’m a total grammar Nazi and I can’t help it but quiTE and quiET are 2 different words… Not trying to come off obnoxious, just trying to help ;)