Karl Lagerfeld Says Adele Is ‘A Little Too Fat’


So … are you ready to be outraged by the idiotic and dangerous comments of a celeb? In an interview with Metro US, 78 year old fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was asked about his favorite female singers. Among the singers he mentioned as his favorite was Adele … who Lagerfeld says is a “little too fat”. Now, I’m not sure what Adele’s weight has to do with anything at all but Lagerfeld felt that it was necessary for him to throw in his outrageous commentary on Adele’s size. Click below to read Karl Lagerfeld’s comments in full.

In an interview with Metro US, fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld, the outspoken creative director for Chanel, shared his brutally honest thoughts about pop singer Adele and her figure. “I prefer Adele and Florence Welch,” he told the newspaper. “But as a modern singer [Lana Del Rey] is not bad. The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Lana Del Rey is not bad at all. She looks very much like a modern-time singer. In her photos she is beautiful. Is she a construct with all her implants? She’s not alone with implants.”

Ugh, disgusting. It is THIS kind of thing EXACTLY that is so wrong with the fashion industry. That a designer like Karl Lagerfeld could so easily attack a woman for her weight when he was merely asked who his favorite singers are is proof that the man is completely out of touch with reality. People need to realize how dangerous this kind of thing is. I’m just dumbfounded that A.) Lagerfeld felt it was necessary to comment on Adele’s weight at all and B.) he thought he was being polite by following up his “fat”comment with her assertion that she has a “beautiful face and a divine voice”. Sadly, I am not surprised at all that Lagerfeld (and, I suspect many other people in the Fashion industry) think Adele is “too fat”. These people hire starving looking, bony models to wear their clothes. Anyone with any kind of meat on their bones is considered “too fat”. I’m disgusted but not at all surprised by these comments. How about you? What do you think of Lagerfeld’s heinous comments?


  • Isabelle

    That “man” is the king of all Douchebags. He reigns on the kingdom of Douchebaggery, where, of course, all douchebags come from. Hence his stupid comments.

  • Shannon

    As a woman who might be a “little too fat” because I’m a size 8 (seriously, someone suggested I shop at the new plus size dept at forever 21..) Im not mad.. I wanna LOL at KL, he just sounds stupid

  • Rachael

    I am not at all shocked by his comments.

    In August he said, “It would be difficult to have an ugly daughter”. Based on how he would have treated his own daughter, I think he was holding his tongue here.

    This man does not hold back. He is an arse and will continue to be because his comments will not effect his bank account or status.

    • sars

      He also said Heidi Klum was fat. I think he does this sort of thing on purpose. The only time I hear about Lagerfield is when he’s being a douche.

    • @sars exactly.

  • Natalie

    I find Adele to be both talented and gorgeous, yet I don’t believe that her looks and her talent have anything to do with one another. Karl just made himself look like an absolute jackass.

  • Mara

    This is the exact reason why Adele said she writes music for the ears and not the eyes… the dinosaur has no real concept of what beauty is.

  • Andi

    this man is a piece of s***; I think Adele is gorgeous, so what if she is a little bigger than the anorexic little pixies that Mr. King-of-all-douchebags is used to, she is healthy and that is far more attractive than emaciated, IMO

  • Isabelle

    The guy only accepts to work with models size 0 (or less if it’s possible. No surprise, there.

  • Miguel

    …what a piece of shit.

  • nicole

    hes a piece of shit. this douche bag never has anything positive to say about a female body bigger then a size 0. hes ridiculous. i can honestly say, the day he passes…i wouldnt be one bit upset.

  • Alys

    All of this from a pretentious French douchebag who is perpetually orange and likes his muses to be a toddler size 4X at most? Oh, screw off, you old windbag, no one gives a fuck about your opinion.

    Go back to making pretty Chanel clothes that barely fit Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore, and the rest of us will continue with our regularly scheduled relevant reality.

    All hail Adele and Florence, by the way, for being so lovely and diverse in their loveliness.

    • Johnny

      He is not French but German. I guess that on top of being “a little fat” yourself you must be “a little ignorant” too.

    • Camille

      I agree totally with you, but let’s just remember that he’s not French but German :) (it doesn’t make any difference, I know, but as a French girl, I felt like I needed to correct this information)

  • Ben

    He’s a PLUS size d-bag, he’s the stereotypical fashion type of person that despises real people although he used to be really fat. At least he could be more tactful with his comments because the real people are the ones who support his fashion emporium. The biggest profit from Channel comes from affordable items such as make-up and perfumes not the over priced couture. I know this from a fashion employee. He’s extremely talented though I was in awe after I watched one of his fashion shows.

  • JCZ

    What a complete douche. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Gaga in that question. They seem to be so far up each others ass these days – maybe he is pulling an Elton and trying to take swipes at people more talented and successful than her.

    Isn’t it ironic that Adele came in on The Most Desirable Woman on 2012 for AskMen.com? It’s even greater that it was titled “desirable” cause that combines many different feelings into one for a person. You can desire someone for their inner beauty, outer beauty, intelligence, talent, sexiness, humour and so on…

    I think Adele is one of the most beautiful woman in the world, period. Her eyes and her lips. She’s very presentable and classy yet very funny. Who gives a crap what clothe size she is or her weight, some people don’t look at that in a person and some people do & like that they aren’t stick thin. I for one find Adele’s beauty to be in the words I described above. It also helps when she is currently the most popular and successful (and talented) pop star in the world right now.

    Go eat some lettuce KL.

  • have y’all noticed you rarely hear any other designers talk this much other than karl? all the best designers are quiet. and seriously irritates me when actors musicians work with him and say how amazing he is. and yet they turn around and proclaim what is wrong with society and how it has to change and how their work helps make the world better. ugh.

  • azked58

    i think adele’s weight has nothing to do with her singing capabilities, but i don’t understand our country’s obsession on calling someone overweight to be “healthy” or “perfectly fine”.

    I probably weigh the same as Adele and recognize that I need to drop some weight to be healthy. Just because she’s beautiful inside and outside and has significant talent doesn’t mean we have to say she looks healthy or fit.

    and i think it’s okay for me to expect a celebrity – who influence kids whether they like it or not – to maintain a healthy weight.

    • Will

      I agree with you 100%!
      I was going to comment the same thing but was afraid of being murdered here. lol

      Let me start saying that I love Adele and think she is beautiful and extremely talented (and yes, Karl is the king of c*nts and will always be).

      That being said, people can’t deny that Adele IS overweight! Karl might be an ass, but it’s not like he is lying here!

      I’m so tired of people leading unhealthy lives and sugarcoating everything by saying the same “I’m beautiful the way I am” crap over and over again.

      Yes you have the freedom of being the way you want to be, but at least get some balls and admit it the way you are!

    • katie

      Everyone has things they need to work on but his attitude is horrible. He wasn’t saying she wasn’t healthy or fit he just called her fat. We need celebrities of all shapes and sizes because people in the world are all shapes and sizes. I’d rather people be who they are. We can’t fit everyone in a box just because they have reached a level of fame & they can be considered a celebrity.

    • seriously

      Yes, except I know “fat” people who work out and run marathons and eat healthy and have thin friends who drink a lot, smoke, and never work out. You cannot assume that someone’s size automatically determines their health.

    • @ Seriously – Exactly what I was thinking!

  • Elle

    For all the advancements of society we have SO far to go when it comes to women. Would Karl say the same thing about an overweight male singer? Why does it always come down to how a woman looks?

    • Ben

      Excuse me women are not the only group who have pressure to look fit. Check out sites like men’s health and bodybuilding to see the other reality of fat men. He always talks about women because that’s his main demografic group for sales

  • Ariel

    she is a little fat, it’s the true,but she is happy that way! so whatever this guy or other guys think of people with some extra weight it’s totally irrelevant, i’m a little fat too, and i have no problem when people tells me so, and i want to losee some (true) but not to get all skinny, just healthy… but still not doing anything to lose it XD

  • Ellen

    The man is delusional…

  • Sanchez

    I’m going to bite my tongue a little bit here. “Fashion” is just… ugh.

    I think Adele is BEAUTIFUL.

  • aubrey

    Clearly, the wrinkled old man is getting senile and a tad blind if he’s starting to think that: A) he’s perfect and B)he can be the judge of who is sexy/fat or beautiful/ugly.

  • nat

    Funny-he would prefer the plastic Lana Del Rey over the real Adele-he also forgets how much he struggled with weight not so long ago.

    • cmc

      Did you read the quote? He said he prefers Adele.

      Karl is just an old douchebag. I think he’s completely forgotten how to be nice to people, because the quote reads like he’s attempting to pay her a compliment (and failing miserably).

  • John

    And he looks like a fucking corpse- I bet Adele is laughing at his comments right now and I hope she responds

  • banana

    Adele has a really pretty face but i betcha if she lost some weight, she’d be absolutely stunning. actually, she IS losing weight now from a report that i just read somewhere. mixed feelings! a little happy that she’s gonna look even gorgeous but also a little sad that she got sucked into the thin-is-pretty shit that everyone else does

    • seriously

      And you just added to that “shit” by agreeing she would be more gorgeous if thinner. Congrats, you’re as bad as everyone else.

  • Camille

    Maybe some of you don’t know because he wasn’t famous all over the world back then, but Karl Lagerfeld used to be fat so I think it makes his saying even worse…

  • icequeen22

    Lagerfeld has seemingly forgotten that less than a decade ago he looked like he could have been a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade due to being “a little too fat”. How soon they forget.

  • Missy

    What Camille and icequeen22 said.

  • Sandy

    I don’t see why its such a big deal. Douchebaggery is Lagerfield’s field, let him do what he wants.
    Adele’s fat. We know it, she knows it.
    Maybe I’m just one of the few that can’t stand her voice, so I don’t need to go out of my way to defend her. Yes, she’d beautiful, but that doesn’t change that she’s fat.

    • Sandy

      *it’s, she’s

    • Brian


  • Erika

    Why is it necessary to label people? If you’re not obese, morbidly, or starving skinny why point out what the person is(even then it’s redundant to point it out)? Adele is Adele, not Adele with a pretty face and she’s a certain size. Those individual things do not define her. This sort of thing is what leads to prejudices and keeps us from appreciating individuals the way they are. It’s time for us to stop being so judgemental and focus on more important things, like moving humanity forward! This sort of thing is not constructive at best.

  • vVv

    she is. it’s just unhealthy that’s all :)

  • Brian

    Unfortunately the truth hurts. We are all responsible for staying healthy in all terms. What’s the truth? The girl is overweight. Anyone with two eyes can see that. Is it appropriate to say this to the media? No. But let’s not act like this is a COMPLETELY OUTRAGEOUS comment.