First Look: New Mom Beyoncé Surfaces In Public For The First Time Since Giving Birth


New mom Beyonce Knowles made her first public appearance last night in NYC, NY at a big concert performance at Carnegie Hall by her hubby Jay-Z. As you may recall, Bey gave birth to her first childBlue Ivy Carter — early last month and has been totally out of sight since. Clearly, Beyoncé wanted to be at Carnegie Hall last night to support her husband … and to show off her fabulous post-baby bod. Check out the photos below and see what new mama Beyoncé is lookin’ like these days.

She’s back. A month after welcoming baby Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé flaunted an enviable-as-ever figure late Monday night in New York. Celebrating husband Jay-Z’s double concert dates at Carnegie Hall, the new mom, 30, made her first public appearance in an orange, hip-hugging Alice Temperly dress – and a pair of towering Christian Louboutins, no less – that showed off her post-baby bod. “It was amazing,” she told New York’s Daily News Monday night of her husband’s debut show (benefiting his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and the United Way), which included an emotional performance of the song that features his newborn. “I ain’t think I was gonna make it through that one,” Jay-Z, 42, told the audience after performing “Glory,” which concludes with the cries of a 2-day-old Blue Ivy. A smiley Beyoncé was spotted heading into the afterparty at the 40/40 Club, arriving 20 minutes after hubby Jay-Z, who pulled up in a Maybach. The singer skipped the red carpet, and headed inside through the side door to join her husband.

Aww … look at her … she looks great! And unlike other celebrity moms that quickly show off their post-baby bods after giving birth, Beyoncé looks healthy and happy. While I still think it will be a very, very long time before we get our first look at Lil’ Miss Blue Ivy, I think it’s rad that Beyoncé decided to come out of hiding to support her husband on his big night. Stay tuned, Melissa has a post coming up devoted to Jay’s concert in NYC last night — including video of Jay-Z’s performance of his hit song Glory ;)

As for Beyoncé, what do y’all think? She looks fab, don’t she?

[Photo credit: Wireimage, INFdaily; Source]

  • Dream

    Looks like her milk came in. ;)

    • Dream

      Seriously tho, she does look fantastic!

  • Iheartaustin

    Right!! There’s the proof she gave birth to Blue Ivy, look at those breasts! Wow! She looks great!

  • She looks great, but am I don’t know if I agree with her leaving Miss. Blue for such a long time so early, but maybe that’s just me…….

    • sharose

      its just you.

  • Winona

    She looks happy and healthy – so refreshing a change to those who think they have to lose their baby weight 2 weeks after giving birth! Beyonce looks amazing (as always!).

  • Brittany

    Look at those BOOBS! That’s all I keep seeing looking at those pictures!

  • Sarah

    Hot DAMN

  • JCZ

    (Just the stir the pot)

    So she took this long to appear in public, to pretend she was losing the baby weight… right? That kid is gonna want a DNA sample when they’re older.

  • Dezden

    Gorgeous, as always! But with a motherly glow!!

  • Sanchez

    I have friends who have had babies years ago and still haven’t lost their baby weight. At least that weird spare tire stomach anyway. How is it even possible that these celebrity women are able to within weeks or months??? I’ve heard it being compared to a deflated balloon so how can it just disappear so quickly??

    • Crystal

      Celebs likely lose their pregnancy weight quicker because unlike most regular new moms, they can afford a personal trainer and a nanny to wath the their kid while they work out. Weight loss surgery also probably plays a role in why their baby fat disappears so quickly.

  • Ama

    How quickly a ‘baby bump’ or the weight a mother gains while carrying will come off depends on the individual woman. How active they were before and during pregnancy as well as what they ate during pregnancy.Every woman is different, where they gain weight during pregnancy, how fast they lose they weight after pregnancy will be different depending on the person.

    Whether they are recognized in the public eye or not, some women will lose the weight quicker than others. Though do keep in mind that recognized people do have professionals to help them lose weight and get back in shape.

  • Nathan

    Holy boobs batman! What a freakin great body!

  • banana

    wow judging from her boobies, i guess no one would doubt if she indeed DID give birth at all hahahah

  • AmandaMarie

    Those boobies almost rival Jessica Simpson’s…. And I didn’t think that was gonna be possible. Homegirl looks amazing!!!! :-)

  • shoesofpink

    I can’t believe how great she looks. This is a huge tribute to her nutritionist, trainer, stylist, etc. etc… Why can’t we all have that after we have babies? Heehee. Seriously, she does look amazing though. Can’t believe it’s already been a month!

  • sharose

    beyonce has done the unthinkable. shes got even more hotter.

  • Courtney

    To anyone saying it takes years to lose the weight….I have a client at work who had a child in December…and she is already 5lbs LESS than her pre-baby weight (136 pre-birth, 131 now). In 2 months. Sans exercise or dieting. So obviously it can be done.