Eva Mendes Gushes About Ryan Gosling To ‘Marie Claire’ Magazine


Eva Mendes, who has been enjoying a romance with fellow actor and co-star Ryan Gosling, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Marie Claire magazine. In her coverstory interview, Eva gushes about how wonderful it is to work with Ryan on a project. I’m assuming that Eva is referred to a film project because if she were referring to a more, ahem, intimate and private project I would think she’d be doing MORE than just gushing … with words ;) Click below to see Eva on the cover of the new issue of Marie Claire and read what she has to say about working with our dear Ryan.

They have been dating for nearly six months after falling for each other on the set of their new movie The Place Beyond The Pines. And Eva Mendes has revealed that working with her real-life beau Ryan Gosling is a ‘dream.’ The 37-year-old spoke out about her handsome man in the March issue of U.S. Marie Claire magazine, all whilst showing off some skin in a sexy shoot. ‘He’s your dream costar. I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film,’ Mendes says of Gosling to the publication. In a vintage-inspired photo shoot, Mendes is seen reclining in the backseat of a antique car wearing a revealing cream lace bralette and matching skirt. She seductively pulls at her black leather gloves with her teeth as she closes her eyes to take in the sunrays … In her interview with the fashion and beauty magazine, Mendes also discusses body image. She reveals that like many teenagers, she endured struggles with the way that she looked. ‘It doesn’t matter what you have or what you look like. It’s something everyone has to work at. I realize I have contributed to a certain happy, healthy, empowered image, but that’s not all of me,’ she says. ‘I feel it’s important to let women know that I have similar struggles. What I tell girls is what they don’t like about themselves now, they will probably end up loving as an adult, because that’s what happened to me. When I am complimented on things that I didn’t like when I was 13, like my overbite and my mole, that’s when you realize that your imperfections are why people love you.’ As well as gushing about her boyfriend, Mendes also coos about her two biggest Hollywood idols, Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. ‘I have a girl crush on them. I’d kill to have half the careers they’ve had after 40,’ she says.

Aww … so cute. Of course Eva is going to say that working with Ryan Gosling is a dream … duh, she gets to sleep with him, too! Now that’s a dream and a half! I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone got her to go on record about her relationship with Ryan. Even tho she kept her comments professional, we know what what she really wanted to say ;) As for her MC photospread, I think she looks great. The coverphoto is a bit severe, I think, but I like the second photo. She is a sexy and mature woman, I can see why Ryan would be all into her. The couple have been together for about 6 months now and show no signs of slowing down. Sounds like a pretty good dream come true to me :)

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  • Krissy

    She is such a gorgeous woman, but that cover pic looks terrible! What did they do to her face?

    • Rebecca

      Extreme photoshop! She doesn’t even need it – too bad.

    • katie

      I thought the same thing. How do you make a woman that beautiful look so terrible?


    Her head looks like it got randomly stuck on to a neck that’s not hers.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I cannot understand how that cover photo got okay’d by so many different people. I can guarantee there were plenty of better shots of her. Bummer.