Anne Hathaway Celebrates Engagement With Family And Friends In NYC


We were so excited for Anne Hathaway when she got engaged to her lovely fiance, Adam Shulman. This past weekend they celebrated their engagement in NYC and it was strictly a personal soiree, with only friends and family of the loved-up couple. Read on for all the details..

Anne is preparing to play Catwoman/Selina Kyle in the upcoming superhero sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and a lot of people aren’t convinced about that casting… still, most people have a love for Anne. If you didn’t love her before, you will after hearing this. The engagement party was held on Saturday night at the Housing Works Bookstore CafĂ© in downtown Manhattan (there is one in SoHo and one in the West Village), and like the down to earth couple they are, they decided to not invite any other celebs, making it a real celebration of the two of them without the need to make it star worthy. I just love how casual and non-celebritified (is that even a real word?) this engagement sounds.

Anne is so gorgeous and real, I just love her to bits. I actually spent some time with her in a cafe last week in the West Village (ok, not with her, but at a separate table) and she was dressed so casually, she was chatting loudly to a girlfriend and sipping her tea like there was no reason to be inconspicuous. I’m very happy for her and Adam. She is very smitten, saying, “We hit it off immediately… [I’m] very much in love with him.” Aww….gorgeous!

Have a look at these recent pics of Anna and Adam departing LAX on 24th January…

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