Watch: Madonna Performs The Halftime Show For Super Bowl XLVI

Queen Madonna Reigns SUPREME

OMFG! Epicness, BEYOND EPICNESS. Madonna SLAYED during her halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVI. Missed it? Wanna watch it again? Check out the performance in full below.

AHHHH! Now THAT is a mothereffing halftime show … the song selection was perfection, what a great mix of hits from Madonna‘s stellar career. The Vogue magazine animations were just … brilliant, BRILLIANT. Her stage was really amazing … great use of video, really smart all around. We basically got a mini-concert. I am now DYING to see her on tour this year … I mean, I was excited before but … DAMNIT, she just raised the bar into the stratosphere. I was in AWE the entire time. I wasn’t a big fan of the LMFAO guys but the dude jumping on the bouncy string was pretty cool Cee Lo, ugh, I’m really not a fan but … this version of Like A Prayer was pretty fantastic. When the chorus starting singing … I about lost my shizz.

Here is a cute photo that Maddy‘s manager Guy Oseary posted online just before Madonna took the stage to perform her show:

Let’s be real … Madonna killed it. Haters will hate, imitating popstars will try and emulate … but there can really only EVER be one Madonna:

And now … I have to know … what do YOU think?

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  1. Verodemort

    I both enjoyed and disliked the performance. Madonna is great, but she was stiff and choose somewhat boring songs for the Half-Time show. Like a Prayer? Vouge?! I mean, Yes, I love those songs but not for the HTS! I would have been extra hyped to see anything funky like Hung Up, Express Yourself (and Showed GaGa how its done!) or Ray of Light. On the other hand, LOVED the set design! Loved the back up Dancers. Loved CeeLo, LMFAO and MIA. I’m pissed at MIA though- If she causes another JanetGate and we get Tom Petty again, I will punch her in the face!

  2. AmandaMarie

    First, the songs she chose were perfect. Second, the production and stage was phenomenal. Third, the costuming was amazing. Madonna, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I adore her and those songs very much, but it is very obvious that there wasn’t a whole lot of energy in her movement. I feel as if I was almost watching it in slow motion. The transitions to different parts of the stage felt unrehearsed. She may still be Queen of Pop, I’m not discounting that, but the Queen is showing her age. I also wish they would have backed off the vocal tuners so we could hear more natural live performance. It sounds almost like it could have been lip sync. My rating, a solid B.

    • Alicia

      I thought I just didn’t get it at first but I had the same reaction. She is amazing but I got the feeling she was pushing herself and it showed, all her guest performers seemed more natural and comfortable and she was trying to keep up.

    • JZ

      Madonna has mentioned – as far back as 1990′s “Blonde Ambition” – that it takes a few performances to nail it & for all the dancers to just come together. That show looked AMAZING & polished, but think about it – it’s not like she’d been touring this routine nightly for months, this was a ‘one-off.’ So, of course she was a tad slower and her moves more deliberate – she wasn’t getting a ‘do-over’, ya know? It has nothing to do with her age (hello, she is the queen of yoga and pilates – she can still move), but just wanting to be meticulous. She killed it!

  3. Mike

    I am a loyal reader of this bolg and have never commented on anything before, but this Madonna performance was the epitome of what a half time show should be!!!! Love ur site and keep up ur fantasticness (That should be a word LOL)!!!

  4. John

    Britney better be taking notes.

  5. nat

    I’m not a fan-but she delivered!And seemed to enjoy herself while doing so!Great song selection and visuals.I did kinda expect her to be the one in the news for something controvercial,not MIA.

  6. Vanessa

    MADONNA KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kylie Fan

    I think Madonna watched a lot of Kylie Minogue’s video, concert etc! GIVE KYLIE SOME CREDITS!

  8. AmandaPalmina

    That was one of the best performances I’ve seen…ever. It was just so smartly put together. I wasn’t really interested in going to see her this year, I’m not a big concert goer, but now I really want to.

  9. I thought the performance was really good. The things this woman can do at age 53 are way better than I can do and I’m half her age. I thought the flips and cartwheels she did were amazing! It was a mini concert and I’ve never seen her live before but now I might have to. If she puts this much energy, time, and effort into a 15 minute halftime routine, imagine what she can do with unlimited time. She is the QUEEN!!!

  10. jr

    the entrance was PERFECTION.

    fit for a QUEEN and incredibly exciting and ELECTRIFYING.

    Vogue was sooooo fashion and FIERCE.

    LMFAO was fun and loving her doing the shuffle dance….fantastic.

    she looked on point and filled the entire stadium practically…she WAS the superbowl…sorry players.

    Nicky was loving it.
    MIA is hot.

    I am sure Elton loved it too….hee hee

    Mama can still bring the hotness.

    loved it.

  11. jr

    ohhh Like A Prayer was STUNNING with the lights from the audience…just beautiful.

  12. Panti Christ

    She looks like She-Ra’s mother! xo

  13. bosie


  14. Ella

    It was a great halftime show and Madonna gets major props for going out there and doing her thing at 53.

    I’ve heard mixed reviews from my friends though. Some of her movements…well looked like a 53 year old who is in phenomenal shape was doing them. Some of those dips she did looked painful and one of my friends joked that she was hiding Aleve in her boots. Another said the whole thing made her sad.

    I think considering her age, she kind of killed it. However Madge, you can stop dropping it like it’s hot now. No one will judge you if you admit your joints don’t work like they used too.

    • Stephanie

      This is exactly how I felt. I kinda felt embarrassed for her a little. I was a touch worried she would go down and not come back up. I totally respect Madonna and would have enjoyed it more if she performed the MUSIC and didn’t try to keep up with back up dancers that are less than half her age.

  15. lipservice

    Trent, not every Super Bowl half-time show is lip-synced. If you watch previous years.. (No Doubt & Sting for example) that was definitely live.

  16. Ummm

    Bruce didn’t dance and flip on dancers either ;)

    • @Ummm — Yes, it’s a silly argument all around. People loved and hated Madonna’s performance … just like every other SB halftime show ever. It’s pointless to argue over people’s opinions.

  17. lipservice

    Rest assured, not all Super Bowl halftime performance are lip synced! woohoo!

    • Cat

      agreed! Look at U2 …again not lic synced. It’s not just about entertainment!

      Another thing I realized is she is probably one of the only half time shows where people are surrounding the stage on the field…

  18. Brenn

    Who cares about the singing. It was an entertaining performance.

  19. alicia

    great dancers, great stage, great songs, but madge? ehhhh

  20. rome

    Great job! You gotta remember this is a family show, so she had to keep it conservative. She did her thang! She’s an entertainer and she delivered! If you haven’t seen her live, I suggest you go. It will definitely be way better that what you saw on the Super Bowl!

  21. lipservice

    @ Trent.. how do you know “Every Super Bowl halftime show” is lip synced? I think with each performance it is different and for the artists that are more familiar with singing live do just that and can pull it off. During the course of today I was able to sneak some time and watch previous years and there are many that are not lip synced and it is obvious that it’s live. With all of the production behind Madonnas performance last night it’s clear as to why she lip synced.

  22. a fan

    Trent, when you think you are seeing lip-synching, you are actually seeing the sound delay. It takes time for the sound wave to reach us in such a big place, and echos are filtered out. The majority of SB shows are live.

    • Naomi

      No one should compare themselves or have others compare them to GOD, or Gods, its disrespecful,and for her to command people to love her is outragous! people get caught up in the fake life so they don’t have to deal with reality yes it was the superbowl,she should have said love your self, I was once a fan now i reaaly don’t care for any of it, why waste the money, if i want to watch a show i can sit at home and watch my kid sing her own songs, you have any idea how3 much it costs to put on a performace like that our country is in debt, and we, spend all this money on entertainment, Sometimes i really wonder what this world is coming to, maybe 40 days of darkness,who knows, but thats what i’m preparing for the rest of you can worship popstars, i’m going to survive what ever comes my way, you go ahead waste your time with all that

    • @Naomi — Seriously?

  23. shell

    She was amazing!! I can barely walk in boots like that let alone dance my @$$ off as she did. Haters gonna hate, however, I loved it!! GO MADONNA!!

  24. Diego

    It’s kind of funny how everyone is emphasizing “at her age”. To me she looks pretty impressive, no matter the age. I’m half her age and can barely remember 7 salsa steps, let alone a whole choreography created for a one-off event. I think that her performance was amazing, full stop.

  25. beach ball


    That’s great this video got all those views. I’m glad for them… But at the same time the sound is like a walkie talkie. Not very good sound. If you want to hear good sound I’d recommend this one instead. It has ultra clear sound.

  26. Sanchez

    Here are my thoughts. I am not a huge Madonna fan (the songs of hers I like the best are probably most people’s least favorites) and I’m not a fan of huge spectacles in general. I have no idea who LMFAO is and I barely know who Ceelo, Nicki Minaj and MIA are so for me, they didn’t add a damn thing.

    I also don’t watch sports which would include the Superbowl but I did watch a video of this halftime performance we’re discussing. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. I thought Madonna was an odd choice because I don’t know a whole lot of football-loving men that like Madonna and I didn’t understand the appeal. If she was 20 years old I would but what man lust after a women in her 50s? That being said, I do appreciate her impact on music overall, just not in this kind of setting.

    Now, was that weird song her new single??? The one with the cheerleaders and drumline??? I didn’t like that AT ALL. It sounded incredibly juvenile.

    I did surprisingly like her Confessions album from a few years ago.

  27. rOXy

    @Sanchez poop head above me: You’re not a little sexist and age-ist are you? Hell no. You’re a lot. You can’t tell me that if Madonna was before you for real, wagging her pinky at you, you wouldn’t drop to your knees and crawl after her,licking her boots and barking like a little cheenie.

    As far as what I thought? Extravaganza!!!!! LOVED IT. That’s the way it’s done. She OWNS it. Her Madgejesty. No one can come close and anyone who tries is reductive. Looking at you GaGa – she knocked the cheap crown off your egg shaped noggin. Certainly didn’t see her paying any tributes to anyone but herself. Where in the world did she find so much beefcake? I mean, she had a whole army of man flesh. Especially loved the “Like a Prayer” segment. She was getting loose and letting go and the Madonna Magic pulled me through the screen, hypnotized and mesmerized. Y. O. U. Madonna!

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