NYC Gets A Supersized Painting Of David Beckham’s Bulge


Last week we saw photos and video of David Beckham at the London, England launch of David Beckham Bodywear for H&M just a few days after his Super Bowl commercial was released on the Internet. Today we get to see the clever way that David Beckham Bodywear is being marketed in NYC, NY. A very LARGE portrait of David Beckham in his underwear was painted on the side of a building over the weekend and as you can see below, a LOT of paint was required to get his bulge just right. London may have gotten Becks in the flesh but NYC gets him in all his oversized, bulging glory. Check out the fabulous photos below.

‘My naked days are over’, Beckham declared only this week. It appears that the world’s most famous footballer’s children find their famous father’s constant exposure embarrassing. But, for these hapless painters, tasked as they are with reproducing the soccer legend’s manliest curves, it must be almost as awkward. These men have the arduous job of depicting ‘Golden Balls’ in all his glory in this giant full length paint-by-numbers mural on Manhattan’s 34th street, by Madison Square Gardens. It’s hard to tell from this distance, but colouring in Beckham’s bulge brick by brick could make anyone a bit hot under the collar. The striking campaign for Swedish retailer H&M is shot in black and white and shows the sporting superhero wearing nothing but a pair of tighty whiteys and his extensive collection of tattoos. The homage to Beckham is sure to result in Beckham mania, as it coincides with the TV advert’s first play during today’s Superbowl when the $3.6 million ad will provide admirers all over America with some afternoon delight.

I mean … is this not the most amazing thing you’ve seen all day? LOL! I have to give props to the brave painters tasked with painting this portrait … it takes a big man to be able to paint another man’s big bulge in all its glory. I am heading to NYC next week so I’ll deffo be keeping my eyes open in the hopes that I’ll stumble upon this wonderful piece of advertising. Golden Balls, indeed!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • PHIL

    you seem to be casting quite the shadow there, david. well done!

  • Stephanie Gomez

    HAHA! You always make my day, Trent. “That’s a big ass bulge!” LOL

  • PHIL

    that’s one goliath david!

    LOL. i couldn’t resist.

  • Xander

    It’s on the south side of a building on 8th Ave and W 34th, right in my neighborhood. It’s a great thing to see every day on my way to work. …yum.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    HOLY YUMMY!!!!! I am speechless.

  • ScottAJ

    I’m not sure you’re correct in calling this “painting.” Even if it were “color by numbers” it would take more than a few weeks to put up – no?

    I thought these things were actually PASTED up in pieces already printed. How could a few hardhats be expected to actually paint such a thing?

    • PHIL

      It depends, Scott. The art of Billboard painting has been around for years and you may be surprised to find out that it still happens. Painters are actually hired, they go up on the scaffolding and paint the signage. Just because they are wearing hardhats doesn’t mean they are unskilled. That is an OSHA safety standard. One thing that does say to me this is indeed a painting is the type on the waistband of the underwear. The lettering appears to be totally hand done.

  • GraphicJack

    Just a hunch, but maybe it’s both a painting AND a poster… in other words, it’s a giant blow up poster of an original painting done on a much smaller scale.

    • PHIL

      you can tell it is a painting. look under the scaffolding in the top pic. you can see his legs are unfinished.

  • Balito

    LOL… DB bulge is taking over NYC!!! Genius…. :)