Madonna’s ToyBoy Brahim Zaibat Was One Of Her Super Bowl Back-Up Dancers


By now we’ve pretty much all seen Madonna’s brilliant Super Bowl XLVI halftime show and we’ve prolly heard a bit too much about M.I.A.‘s middle finger flash … but did you know that Maddy’s much younger toyboy boyfriend Brahim Zaibat was among the back-up dancers in yesterday’s Super Bowl halftime show? The official Facebook profile of the Material Girl collection takes us inside Madonna’s locker room at the Super Bowl yesterday to give us a peek at some of the fashions that were worn in the show. As you can see below, one of the back-up dancer outfits was clearly labeled for Brahim. OH and they also share a really hawt photo of Maddy’s mostly nekkid gladiators so … make sure you check out the photos below.

Check out Brahim, Adrien, Lilou + Mazime’s outfits from Madonna’s halftime show last night! / How amazing were the outfits in Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance last night?

HMMM … honestly, I had totally forgotten that Brahim was a dancer. I guess since he’s been romancing Madonna, I figured he had hung up his dancing shoes. I guess he couldn’t resist the chance to perform in the biggest show on Earth … and dating the star of the show doesn’t hurt either. My guess is that Brahim will not be employed as one of Madonna’s dancers on her upcoming tour … but, then again, maybe he will want to bust a move for his lady on stage night after night after night. I think we can be sure that if he wants the gig, he will get the gig.

That being said, Madonna doesn’t want for hot back-up dancers … get an eyeful of some of the hot men that performed for her last night:

Oh yeah. These guys were a nice treat in last night’s performance, don’t you think? One can never go wrong with gladiators in Calvin Klein underwear ;)


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    HACHI MACHI!!! Hotness!